Lindsay Lohan Gave Harry Styles The Cold Shoulder

Lindsay Lohan is in the news again, but she’s not in trouble this time. In fact, it seems her life away from the American spotlight has done the actress and reality star some good, because she seems delightfully happy and on top of her game, as she speaks publicly for the first time in months.

Lindsay Lohan shares what happened during that Harry Styles booty call

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Ms. Lohan shared the encounter, which took place at a London hotel, where she happened to be staying. Lindsay says the One Direction singer showed up at her hotel room door, presumably looking for a booty call, but the Mean Girls actress wasn’t interested.

“He was in a suit. I said, ‘Well, you’re very good looking — can I help you?’” Lohan recalled. “He was like, ‘I’m Harry. Gavin and Michael sent me here.’ I was like, ‘I’m going to bed, but it was nice to meet you.’”

Lindsay admits that she hadn’t recognized Styles at all, until after he’d left. When she told her younger sister about the incident, Lindsay says her sister was shocked that she didn’t know the One Direction singer on the spot. The younger Lohan then asked for Harry’s phone number.

It sounds like a rather creepy thing, especially for someone as famous as Harry Styles. Was this just for Lindsay Lohan, or does the One Direction frontman often go wandering hotels in search of some action? Who are Gavin and Michael? And why would they assume Lindsay Lohan would be receptive to a 2:00 a.m. booty call?

It seems that there may be something Lindsay isn’t revealing about the encounter. Certainly, there would be no reason for Lohan to lie about the outcome of her encounter with Styles, but what isn’t she saying?

Maybe Gavin and Michael will come forward with more details.

Herbie Fully Loaded star Lindsay Lohan has a new love interest

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After nearly seven months of dating, it seems Lindsay Lohan is ready to spill the beans on her new love interest, Russian heir Egor Tarabasov. She says that, even though she hasn’t known Egor for very long, she thinks he’s a great guy. Lindsay says Tarabasov makes her very happy.

As much as she cares about Egor, the actress doesn’t want people to get the wrong idea. Hoping to shut down gossip before it even has a chance to get started, Lindsay says she has turned her life around all on her own. Tarabasov had nothing to do with it, she says.

“That’s the one thing in America they always have done with me. If I have ever been linked to someone, they always say, ‘This guy is so good for Lindsay, look at how he has changed her,’” Ms. Lohan said. “I am just like, ‘… you,’ because I have done this for me. I take care of myself and then they just set it up to fail.”

Lohan adds that she still believes her move to London was the smartest decision she has ever made. While she does divide her time between London and New York City, Lohan says she doesn’t miss Hollywood at all and never plans to return. Lindsay says she’s followed and photographed constantly from the very moment she steps foot in Los Angeles and she doesn’t want to go back to that.

Lindsay doesn’t need the L.A. lifestyle anymore either, if her Instagram feed is any indication with her posts of boyfriend Egor. In one post, one featuring Tarabasov in a suit jacket without a shirt, Lohan professes her love for the Russian heir. He seems equally smitten. Tarabasov plans to look into real estate investments in the London area, undoubtedly to bring himself closer to Lindsay.

Professionally, it looks like Lindsay Lohan is returning to acting. She’s slated to star in Tiago Mesquita’s The Shadow Within, which is scheduled to be released in theaters later this year.

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