Excitement For Microsoft Surface Phone Continues To Grow

Although Microsoft hasn’t officially announced it, the Surface Phone is pretty much a given. Many sources point to the release of a Surface Phone by the end of the year. PC-Tablet has the news.

“The Surface mobile device has not been announced or officially recognized by Microsoft. However, according to the rumors this device would be roughly designed around the Surface tablets, and could be aimed at businesses. With this device, it is expected to that Microsoft ‘s failing smartphone efforts would turn around.”

The article adds that the Surface Phone will be a flagship smartphone that has an industrial design similar to the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. Intel has allegedly been heavily involved with this smartphone project.

The Independent claims that the groundwork for the Surface Phone has been laid with the Lumia 650.

“Microsoft, with the arrival of the Surface Phone is expected to change the way the markets work. The device is expected to release with supreme specs, quite similar to those previously spotted on the other Surface devices such as the surface tablets and the surface book laptop.”

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The article adds that the Lumia 650, released a few weeks back, comes out as a precursor for the Surface Phone since it features business class offerings and comes with many productivity focused apps. The Lumia 650 is a business powerhouse phone, which is just what the Surface Phone is expected to be.

The Surface Phone has caused a firestorm of excitement on Twitter.

However, some Reddit users don’t understand the hype. One poster started a thread titled, “Why is there so much interest in a Surface Phone?”

“So we’ve just found out a few days ago that the Surface team is designing a phone, which may or may not be the long-awaited ‘Surface phone’. I’m wondering, though, how and why is there such demand for a Surface phone? Is there something about the branding of a Surface-branded WP, as opposed to a Lumia? What would a Surface phone have that a Lumia doesn’t?” asks Vanquisher1000.

“Just the idea of my volume and sleep buttons matching between my phone and PC makes me bubbly. It sounds so stupid but it’s a big reason I still have iPhone 5 and Surface Pro 2, looking to upgrade both soon,” responded Backfjre.

However, other posters noted the key difference between the Surface Phone and anything by Lumia: the fact that the Surface Phone may run a full version of Windows 10, not Windows 10 mobile. This means users can edit photos they take with a desktop version of Photoshop right on the phone. This also means productive users can take videos and use programs such as Vegas Pro 13 to edit them; although, it would probably a good idea not to since memory and processor options on the Surface Phone likely won’t match desktop systems.

Microsoft has revolutionized the tablet industry with the Surface Pro line. Perhaps the Surface Phone will revolutionize the smartphone industry in a way no phone has since the iPhone.

[Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images]