'Outlander' Stars Sam Heughan And Caitriona Balfe Call Season 2 'More Complex,' Talk Jamie And Claire's Bond

With Outlander's second season only a month away, fans can hardly contain their excitement about Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire's (Caitriona Balfe) upcoming adventure to France. With the time-traveling couple set to explore new settings and face different challenges, Heughan and Balfe recently offered a few exciting hints on what's in store.

In a video released by Entertainment Tonight, the two Outlander stars touched on the array of challenges ahead for Jamie and Claire. For starters, Heughan explained how this season is different from the first because many of the characters' relationships have developed in new directions.

"It feels more complex in a way," Heughan shared in the video. "These relationships have developed and our relationship has certainly gone into a new place."

According to Scotland Now, the second season of Outlander is based on the book by Diana Gabaldon, titled Dragonfly in Amber. In the book, Jamie and Claire's main mission is to prevent the Jacobite Rebellion and ultimately change history. Naturally, this presents the couple with an array of new challenges, including mingling with the higher-ups in French society.

The official poster for season 2 of 'Outlander' shows Claire in the iconic red dress that the book readers know all about. [Image via Starz]
The official poster for Season 2 of 'Outlander' shows Claire in the iconic red dress that the book readers know all about. [Image via Starz]"I don't think it's ever going to be smooth sailing with these two," Balfe stated. "We're going to meet some very interesting characters who may become the new enemies of Claire and Jamie -- one being the Count of St. Germain."

While Heughan added that it doesn't take long before Claire "gets them all in trouble," Jamie and Claire will also be dealing with the fallout of the events of the last season of Outlander. In particular, this includes Jamie's imprisonment and sexual assault by Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) at the end of Season 1.

Despite the challenges of Jamie's past trauma, Balfe revealed that the Jamie and Claire's bond will grow stronger as they work through their issues. All the while, Claire is also pregnant with the couple's first child.

"Claire's focus is to really sort of help him get over that trauma by trying to inspire him and give him this mission of trying to change history," Balfe explained. "And Claire is very much his champion in a sense."
Jamie and Claire Fraser take their steamy romance to Paris in season 2 of 'Outlander.' [Image via Starz]
Jamie and Claire Fraser take their steamy romance to Paris in Season 2 of 'Outlander.' [Image via Starz]Apart from the dramatic storyline, fans will also be treated with a whole new wardrobe for the coming season. After all, 18th century Paris, France is a far cry from Jamie's native Scotland.

"They scrub up pretty well, I think," Balfe said. "I think visually this year it is a lot of color, a lot of sumptuous silks and satins. We will even see Sam in some beautiful satins and embroidery."

Speaking of clothing, the Daily Record is reporting that Heughan recently teamed up with Scottish model Eunice Olumide to support a clothing recycle store in Glasgow named The Empty Shop. The pair donated their high end clothing to the store in an effort to encourage others to recycle.

"I'm proud that Scotland is leading the way when it comes to minimizing waste and making things last," Heughan told the outlet. "I hope we can inspire people to pass on items of clothing they no longer use instead of just binning them. By passing on items such as clothing, toys and furniture, and buying vintage or second-hand, we can all help to reduce our impact on the planet."

The two stars are part of a larger clothing drive started by Zero Waste Scotland. The goal is to provide people with higher quality clothing and accessories at an affordable price. The organization has set up locations throughout Scotland and has managed to attract a number of different celebrities to the cause.

The second season of Outlander is set to premiere on April 9 on Starz.

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