UFO Spotted Over Olympic Opening Ceremony

Just when we thought the London Summer Olympics had seen its fair share of strangeness, the report of a UFO hovering over the Olympic stadium during the opening ceremonies was revealed to the world by the mysterious MrScipher from the planet YouTube.

It was only a month ago that former Ministry of Defense UFO desk officer Nick Pope proclaimed his belief that the Summer Olympics were the perfect venue for visiting space aliens to reveal themselves to the human race. Mr.Pope is of the opinion that the immense world wide audience would not only appeal to companies paying millions of dollars a minute to advertise fast food and car insurance, but savvy visitors from distant planets would certainly be smart enough to take advantage of the biggest media event of the year.

The setting was perfect for something bizarre to occur. The crowd of thousands and a television audience in the hundreds of millions had already seen a visual spectacular created by film director Danny Boyle, that included such diverse tableau as a tribute to the British national health care system, complete with nurses, doctors and somersaulting youngsters cavorting on row after row of hospital beds.

After two skydivers impersonating James Bond and Queen Elizabeth parachuted from a helicopter into the stadium, the sky erupted with a massive display of fireworks. While all this was going on, the enterprising MrScipher noticed an unusual shape popping in and out of sight in the brightly lit night sky. He groped for his video camera to record what was sure to be the penultimate moment of human history.

To the utter amazement of those who were lucky enough to see the unusual shape moving silently behind the glare of the fireworks, many were stunned by what they saw. The object had the appearance of the classical UFO seen in the movie, “Day The Earth Stood Still.” MrScipher grabbed the shot and rushed to post it on Youtube.


As word began to spread and true believers wondered if they would finally get to “phone home,” counter claims began to appear in the press, informing all concerned that, alas, it was just the Goodyear Blimp with the running lights turned off. A spokesperson for the company explained that the blimp’s lights had been turned off so they wouldn’t interfere with the brilliance of the opening ceremony. He also informed us that there were no logos or adverts visible on the blimp because the blimp was on a “private hire.” Conspiracy theorists exchanged knowing glances, looked over their shoulders and bolted for the door.

Even now, there are still true believers who are convinced that the UFO was real and the blimp story is being floated by those evil plotters in MI-6 and the CIA to cover up the existence of the best dang UFO since Roswell. We might even wonder when the claims will surface that there are dead aliens being autopsied in the Buckingham Palace Basement, while the CIA and British Intelligence fight over powerful alien weapons tech.

You will have to decide for yourself as you examine the photos and watch the videos. It sure looks like a convincing UFO but they swear its only the Goodyear Blimp. I haven’t formed an opinion yet. Do you grok my meaning, Earthling?