What ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins’ Mother Says About His Final Pick May Prove Reality Steve’s Spoilers Wrong

Bachelor Ben Higgins’ parents play a vital role in helping him choose between two girls he fell in love with — JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell. Warsaw, Indiana, residents Amy and David Higgins will make an appearance on Monday night’s finale, and after meeting both girls, Ben’s mother doesn’t hold back when she names the girl she thinks her son should choose.

Will Ben take his mother’s advice into consideration before he hands out his final rose and will the outcome prove Reality Steve‘s Bachelor spoilers wrong?

Here’s what to expect on Monday night’s finale along with three must-see preview video previews from ABC that will have Bachelor fans just as confused as Ben. [Spoilers and major finale update ahead]

ABC’s preview for the March 14 Bachelor season finale shows Ben talking to his parents about his love for JoJo and Lauren, and it’s clear that he has a difficult decision to make.

Many fans will remember that Ben called his parents before greeting the 28 women who arrived at the Bachelor mansion on the season premiere. Now, 10 weeks later, he is hoping to get both their advice and their blessing.

Back in November when the finale was taped, JoJo and Lauren met Ben’s parents during their final dates — there is no doubt both girls made a great impression on them. However, in a video below, Ben’s mother Amy reveals who she thinks is her son’s best choice.

“Jojo is way more my style,” Ben’s mother tells one of the show’s producers. “Just because you referred to her as the first person who will reassure me and tell me it’s gonna be OK, and that, for me, is really all I needed to hear.”

With tears in her eyes, Amy Higgins talks about who her final pick would be if she had to make the decision for Ben.

“If I had to pick for Ben — if the decision was mine – it has nothing to do with anything personal towards either girl. But if I were to make that decision for Ben today… I would pick JoJo.”

Weeks before the Bachelor premiere aired in early January, blogger Reality Steve confirmed that Ben proposed to Lauren Bushnell at the final rose ceremony and sent JoJo home. It’s clear that Ben is close to his parents and takes their advice seriously, leaving fans to wonder if Steve missed the mark.

Is it possible that Ben took his mother’s gut feeling about JoJo into consideration and sent Lauren home? Steve’s spoilers have been wrong before, so it wouldn’t be shocking for fans to find out that he didn’t get it right this season.

However, Us Weekly‘s insider also points to Lauren Bushnell as the winner of Ben’s heart and a magnificent Neil Lane diamond ring — could it be true?

Although fans won’t know for sure if he took his mother’s advice into consideration. What we do know is Ben also asked God for help, telling Us that he turned to prayer to help him make his final decision.

“Devout Christian Higgins says he turned to prayer when the weight of his dilemma kept him up at night.”

Fans can expect the final rose ceremony to be a real tear-jerker, especially the emotional final moments Ben has with this season’s runner-up. However, the proposal is rumored to be extremely romantic and heartfelt — well worth the tears he shed making his final decision.

Ben apparently goes all-out traditional and calls the future Mrs. Higgins’ father to ask for her hand in marriage. Us Weekly‘s source states that once he got the “yes” from Mr. Bushnell, he “cried out and pumped his fist in the air.”

During Ben’s proposal, he reportedly tells the girl he chooses that she is “the most beautiful woman” and he wants to “wake up next to her every morning.”

Find out if Reality Steve‘s prediction that Lauren Bushnell is engaged to Ben Higgins is true when the Bachelor season finale airs on ABC at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, March 14.

Do you think Ben went with his mother’s suggestion and picked JoJo or are the spoilers right and Lauren is Ben’s bride-to-be?

UPDATE March 14: Reality Steve confirmed on Monday that Caila lost out of the Bachelorette gig at the last minute and producers chose JoJo Fletcher to be ABC’s next leading lady.

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