Karrueche Tran Gets Support From BFF Christina Milian Following Heated Chris Brown Feud

Karrueche Tran may have been put on blast by Chris Brown during their heated social media confrontation on Friday, but it looks like Karrueche is receiving some much-needed support from best friend Christina Milian amid her ongoing feud with ex-boyfriend Brown.

Karrueche and Chris Brown’s fight began yesterday after Brown exchanged heated words with Karrueche’s manager, Jacob York, on Instagram by implying that York is capitalizing off of the hype surrounding Karrueche and Brown’s breakup.

“THIS N***** KNOW HE A SNITCH IN ATLANTA AND HE A SNAKE. N**** can’t see his d*** when he piss wit all that GUT. he talk s*** behind closed doors then wanna say s*** like…IM TOO GROWN FOR THE BS,” Chris Brown began his feud with Jacob York, as captured in a screengrab by The Shade Room. “YOU’s a BOY!!! I don’t ever comment on this b**** a** n***** but THIS IS THE YEAR WHEN REAL N****** ARE GONNA WIN. So he’ll now say something very mature or stupid or may not even respond. It’s only maturity when u talk to a man face to face and look him in the eyes and explain your issues.”

However, Chris then proceeded to turn his attention to ex-girlfriend Karrueche when he wrote, “[Jacob York] too afraid of that. He’d rather capitalize off every vulnerable barely famous emotionally distraught female with a pretty FACE. YOU FEAR ME N*****!.”

Following Chris’ comments about Karrueche being “vulnerable,” “barely famous,” and “emotionally distraught,” Karrueche took to Instagram to directly respond to her ex’s claims with her own emotionally-charged message.

(Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for H&M)

“You’re calling me a b**** yet you’re screaming my name in a song about getting back together? CAN ALL THIS PETTY S*** STOP. IT IS SO UNNECESSARY. You have a beautiful daughter and so much to live for. LIVE YOUR LIFE and be positive. I am so over the drama!” Karrueche began in her response to Chris before noting, “I am M******** tied!! (sic)”

While Brown continued his exchange with Karrueche by telling the model that he wished her “the most successful career ever,” albeit noting that Tran’s friends and fame will “simmer” alongside her talent, Karrueche appeared to be unbothered by Chris Brown’s hate while taking to Snapchat to share several videos of herself hanging with close friends.

Just hours after Karrueche and Chris Brown’s beef escalated, Karrueche’s longtime BFF, Christina Milian, took to Twitter to show her support for the model while also throwing a little shade at Chris in the process.

Christina took to Twitter last night to share a photo of herself and Karrueche making faces at the camera with the caption, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner *heart emoji* #BAE @Karrueche.” Tran responded with, “Love youuu.”

This isn’t the first time that Christina Milian has shown her love for Karrueche amid the model’s ongoing on-again, off-again romance with Chris; following the news of Brown’s fatherhood status last year, Christina Milian spoke out in support of Karrueche by telling fans that the model is focused on her career rather than reuniting with Chris Brown.

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“It took a lot for [Karrueche] to come to these types of decisions,” Milian revealed to Hollywood Life. “At the end of the day, you have to make your own choices for yourself and I feel like she’s just really happy right now. She’s pursuing her career, she’s working really hard. She’s modeling, she’s acting, there’s a lot of stuff she has on the horizon that people are going to see from her.”

What do you think of Karrueche Tran and Christina Milian’s response to Chris Brown’s Instagram feud yesterday?

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