Jonathan Taylor Thomas: You Won’t Believe What He Looks Like Now

Jonathan Taylor Thomas has recently written an R-rated pilot along with his former Home Improvement co-star Zachery Ty Bryan, according to Hollywood Life. The exciting news was revealed by their Home Improvement co-star and TV mom Patricia Richardson.

Patricia Richardson, who played the role of Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Bryan’s mom in the hit ’90s TV show, answered a series of questions during her Reddit Q&A session. It came as no surprise that several of the questions were about Home Improvement.

Particularly, fans asked the actress if she still keeps in touch with any of the series cast. And while it’s clear that Richardson has worked with her Home Improvement co-star Tim Allen on several occasion since the series ended, it turns out that the 65-year-old actress also knows what Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Bryan have been up to lately.

Their TV mom revealed that Jonathan Taylor Thomas has been directing episodes for Last Man Standing, so she gets to see him on set often. Richardson has appeared in a few episodes alongside Tim Allen on ABC’s sitcom Last Man Standing. So if Jonathan Taylor Thomas is directing some episodes of the show, it sure looks like a little TV-family reunion.

However, when asked about a reunion show directly, Richardson said that those things “usually” don’t work very well, but Home Improvement fans would surely like to see the TV family, which includes Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Bryan, Richardson and Allen on screen again, even if it doesn’t go “very well.”

Richardson also added in the interview that she is proud of her Home Improvement sons – Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Zachery Ty Bryan – and of what they have done since the ABC series ended in 1999. Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who won a number of Kids’ Choice Awards prizes in the ’90s, has been a vegetarian for much of his life. In 1999, the year when the final episode of Home Improvement aired in the U.S., Jonathan Taylor Thomas announced he wouldn’t return for the final episode. And Richardson says that it was “very fortunate” that Jonathan Taylor Thomas is “so smart” and “well balanced” to make such decisions.

“When he left the show, he ended up going back to school and got a really good education and thought a lot about what he wanted to do with his life. When he was on the show at one point, he said to me he was interested in being a politician.”

While Home Improvement fans haven’t exactly seen or heard about Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ political career since 1999, it seems like the 34-year-old actor decided to return in front of the camera.

After Jonathan Taylor Thomas graduated from Columbia University, he has made quite a few on-screen appearances in such shows as Smallville, Veronica Mars, 8 Simple Rules and Last Man Standing. However, he didn’t shine as bright as he did back in the ’90s, when the actor played the role of Tim Taylor’s (portrayed by Tim Allen) son in Home Improvement and also voiced Young Simba in Disney’s The Lion King. The actor also appeared in such popular ’90s projects as Tom and Huck and Man of the House.

By the time Jonathan Taylor Thomas was 16, he had appeared on covers of a number of glossy teen magazines, as well as covered walls of his numerous fan worldwide who had a crush on him.

Apart from directing a few episodes of Last Man Standing, Jonathan Taylor Thomas has also guest-starred on the show, according to AOL. Kids of the ’90s may also remember Jonathan Taylor Thomas from I’ll Be Home for Christmas, where he played Jake.

And in case you were wondering: here’s what Jonathan Taylor Thomas looks like now.

[Photo by Brenda Chase / Getty Images]