WWE Rumors: Huge Star Set To Return At ‘Roadblock’ Tonight – Get Involved In WWE Title Match

Even though it’s a WWE Network live special happening just a few weeks before WrestleMania 32, there is still a lot of importance in tonight’s Roadblock. Anything could possibly happen and WWE could be looking to throw a huge curve-ball at the fans in hopes of changing up the predictability. Now, rumors are swirling that a main event talent, who has been noticeably absent lately, could return tonight. Fans may end up seeing Roman Reigns back on WWE television.

It has been almost three full weeks since Roman Reigns has been seen on WWE programming at all, and that’s due to Triple H destroying him at the end of Monday Night Raw. Since then, there has hardly been even a mention of him even though he is in the main event of WrestleMania 32 in three weeks.

Yes, the beatdown was used to sell his being off television, and he did have surgery, but reality is a bit different. Reigns’ surgery was needed before Triple H took him out as he had a deviated septum that needed to be fixed.

Still, WWE has not said a single word about when he will be back, but What Culture is reporting that Reigns could actually show back up tonight at Roadblock.

wwe rumors roadblock roman reigns return
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For weeks leading up to Roadblock, Reigns was rumored to be facing Sheamus at the WWE Network event, but then that match was pulled. Reigns had subsequently been removed from all WWE events this weekend and was taken off the schedule entirely.

If he were to return this evening, one has to wonder if he’s yet ready to be physical at all. Should he not be cleared, he could come back to stand in the corner of his “brother,” Dean Ambrose and support him as he takes on Triple H for the WWE Title.

Then again, that may not be the smartest idea.

Ambrose winning the WWE Title at Roadblock means two things:

  • Roman Reigns’ match at WrestleMania 32 is no longer a title match
  • Dean Ambrose’ match at WrestleMania 32 against Brock Lesnar is a title match

One can’t really expect Reigns to be supportive of Ambrose winning the title since it does nothing to benefit him at all. On the other hand, Brock Lesnar could be watching from backstage and thrilled if Ambrose takes the title from Triple H.

wwe rumors roadblock roman reigns return dean ambrose lesnar
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It is really weird for the number one contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Title and half of the WrestleMania main event to be missing for almost the entire month leading up to the PPV. It gives him no build, no momentum, and just seems off.

Forbes thinks that his absence really isn’t doing him any favors at all right now, and that it could hurt him more than help him (surgery-wise). Yes, the surgery was needed, but his popularity with the fans wasn’t at an all-time high when he won the main event slot at Fastlane.

For two weeks now, he’s been totally forgotten while all the attention has gone to Dean Ambrose chasing the WWE Title instead.

There’s been no set date for Roman Reigns’ return, but he is at least being advertised again. Monday Night Raw takes place at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia in a week, and he’s already being promoted for that event.

Now, that could be just a promotion for him being there and not necessarily his return as he may be back already. It’s just that one has to wonder if it will be too little and too late?

Roadblock is taking place tonight on the WWE Network, and Dean Ambrose could end up taking the World Heavyweight Title from Triple H. If that happens, WrestleMania 32 would be altered greatly and the main event would change. Will Roman Reigns return to support his friend, take action against Triple H, or maybe even stop the title from changing hands? Time will tell.

[Image via WWE]