Samsung Creating ‘Better-Than-Retina’ Displays With 350ppi

Samsung is working on an AMOLED display that is rumored to be “better-than-retina.” The South Korean phone manufacturer is hoping to feature a display that uses pixel densities which ETNews says will carry a higher pixel density count than Apple’s tablet and smartphone Retina display technology.

Samsung is creating higher density displays thanks to advances in Fine Metal Mask production techniques. At this time it is still unclear how long it will take Samsung to scale its manufacturing process for the technology.

While a release date for the new displays has not been announced its believed that Samsung will roll out the technology for its next generation of smartphone and tablet devices.

In comparing the new AMOLED displays Samsung plans to push for 350ppi. That pixel density compares nicely to the Apple iPad (264ppi) and the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch models which feature 326ppi.

Samsung wants to use Laser-Induced Thermal Imaging technique, but that method is said to be difficult to scale up without encountering issues.

Using Fine Metal Mask production will allow Samsung to create extremely high-resolution displays using the production facilities the company already has in place, an advancement that could save the tech firm millions of dollars.

Samsung at this point is only believed to have produced the 350ppi displays in a lab and therefore determining how far off commercialization may be is difficult.

Apple has placed a lot of stock in its Retina Display, should Samsung increase display density on its own screens by 25 percent over Apple’s own output it could mean big sales for the hardware developer and the potential to grab some of the tablet market from Apple via Android Tablets.