Is Christina Aguilera Quitting ‘The Voice’ Because Of Gwen Stefani? She Discusses A ‘Fight’ On Twitter

Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani have reportedly been at war for the last few seasons of The Voice, and now that Stefani is set to return to the show for Season 10, despite it being Christina Aguilera’s turn to coach, their feud has reportedly gotten even more extreme.

Since Christina Aguilera left The Voice for maternity leave years ago, she and Stefani have been alternating seasons as a coach. However, after Stefani embarked on a very public romance with Blake Shelton, which the pair showcased on The Voice Season 9, Stefani was asked to return to the show for Season 10, along with Christina Aguilera.

After last year’s fall season came to an end, following a number of flirty on-camera moments between Stefani and Shelton, Shelton expressed interest in having the coach count bumped to five in order to make room for both his girlfriend and Christina Aguilera, and right away, Aguilera was said to have ben up in arms.

“[Christina Aguilera] said that it was her show and gave a really big spiel about how she thinks that Gwen used this Blake thing to try and stay on the show,” a production source told Radar Online in December 2015. “Now people are dreading her return.”

While Shelton was hoping Stefani would be joining both him and Christina Aguilera on The Voice Season 10, the source continued on, claiming producers had no intentions of adding a fifth judge to the show, and as fans can see, they didn’t do so.

“They have been switching the female judges on and off for over three seasons now and it has nothing to do with how well Gwen is performing” or what Christina Aguilera wants, the source explained. “It has more to do with just keeping it different by changing it up. As of right now, there are no plans to make it five judges.”

Once Christina Aguilera returned to her coaching position on the show, another rumor claimed she and Shelton were at odds was shared by Radar Online. Earlier this month, a source told the site Shelton was doing everything in his power to con Christina Aguilera into quitting the show.

“It’s his mission to make this as uncomfortable as possible for [Christina Aguilera] so that she will not want to return next season,” said the source.

Days later, OK! Magazine reported that Christina Aguilera was threatening to quit the show after becoming fed up not only with the alleged special treatment her co-stars were receiving, but also with their romance taking center stage on the show. On March 10, the same outlet claimed Christina Aguilera had discovered shocking news of a rumored bonus given to Stefani and Shelton because of their on-screen romance.

The sources claimed Christina Aguilera was convinced Stefani was using her romance with Shelton to get ahead on The Voice, and she simply was not willing to give up her spot.

While Christina Aguilera has yet to publicly address the ongoing rumors about her alleged feud with Stefani, she did speak of a fight on Twitter earlier this week, but it was Pharrell Williams who she had targeted.

“That was a good fight, @pharrell! You know I love you! xoxo #VoiceBlinds,” Christina Aguilera wrote on Twitter on March 7.

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[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]