Kim Kardashian Continues To Snapchat Her Life With A Late Night Shot

There’s no arguing that Kim Kardashian is a social media phenomena. In fact, it goes without saying that you’ll be able to follow the star on just about any social media platform. Believe it or not, Kardashian has only recently joined the incredibly popular Snapchat platform. However, she’s definitely hit the platform full throttle, sharing a number of snaps.

I'm on snapchat now! Add me- KimKardashian ????

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The latest of those snaps on the platform sees Kim Kardashian with her incredibly famous husband, Kanye West, in bed on a particularly steamy evening for the couple.

That’s right, we’re not all that used to getting a sneak peek into the bedroom life of one of the world’s most famous couples, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. However, this particular intimate shot shared to Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat account featured herself and husband Kanye West lying next to each other in bed with the lights off. It’s not very often that we see this very public couple put their life into the complete limelight, but it definitely shows how much Kim’s social media followers mean to her, considering she’s willing to share a shot.

That being said, Kardashian’s Snapchat post didn’t leave much to assumption, using the platform’s annotation tools to clearly mark out “Pablo” lying next to her, just in case we didn’t know that she shares a bed with rapper and fashion designer Kanye West. Not that Kanye West has any idea the photograph is being taken; he looks completely out of it!

Kim Kardashian poses for a selfie with a fan
Kim Kardashian poses for a selfie with a fan [Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty images]

It goes without saying that Kim Kardashian is certainly going all out in terms of her social media presence right now, prior to the Snapchat picture sharing a snap to her Instagram account of the couple’s son Saint, commenting alongside the picture, “You’re the sun in my morning babe.” Not that we can imagine many of Kardashian’s fans having much to complain about, given her increased social media presence of late.

That picture was alongside another shot shared to Kim’s Snapchat account, which appears to show little North West telling his mum that he’s scared of “snap, snap,” before his mother realizes that North isn’t a fan of the crazy filters. Whatever you think of the West/Kardashian family, it’s hard to argue how undeniably cute North has appeared in many of his mother’s Snapchat and Instagram posts. In fact, we’d love to see little North West get a Snapchat account of his own!

It won’t be long before North and his brother Saint grow up to realize the gravitas of their family in media. Kim and Kanye are undeniably one of the most famous couples on the planet right now, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see their children follow suit. For now though, it appears as if Kardashian and West are looking to give their children as much of a normal childhood as possible, that’s for sure.

However, that’s no easy task given the controversy around many of Kim Kardashian’s social media posts. It was only a few days ago when Kim Kardashian tweeted a censored but largely naked selfie of herself. It was dubbed as the tweet that “broke the internet,” with many scrambling to share the photograph over and over. It left many asking whether Kardashian was providing a good role model to look up to for her children or not. Either way, the excitement around the tweet certainly proves the star’s following.

For now, it’s difficult to predict when Kim Kardashian’s social media presence will die down, and considering she’s now available on most platforms, there’s no ignoring this incredibly famous couple.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/ Getty images]