Harry Styles Haunting Exes Taylor Swift And Kendall Jenner — Harry’s Eerie Power

Harry Styles seems to have the ability to haunt the psyches of his lovers for a long time after they part ways. Whether he’s breaking up the marriage of Lucy Horobin, whose husband raged that Harry is “a rat” and a “spoilt little rich kid who does whatever he wants,” according to the Daily Mail, or whether he’s planting his kiss of death on quick flings like Emily Atack and Caggie Dunlop, who were traumatized by the floods of hate mail they received from jealous Directioners, Harry definitely knows how to make an impact. Attractive Harold has proven again and again that if anyone can plant themselves in a woman’s psyche and remain there, haunting the poor female with an eerie power best depicted by Charles Dickens when he created the demented, jilted character of Miss Havisham, it’s Harry E. Styles.

If you thought A-list status bought you immunity from the Harry love spell, think again. Harry is currently standing in the way of Kendall Jenner’s relationship with Chris Brown, according to Hollywood Life. The mag reports that “things between Kendall and Harry may be over—at least for now—but that doesn’t mean the rocky relationship hasn’t left its mark.” Kendall apparently felt burned by Harry and is determined that she will not be taken in by yet another player. It is for this reason that she is reportedly holding back from getting together with longtime friend Chris Brown, to whom she is rumored to be attracted.

“Kendall and Chris have been good friends for years and there’s always been something there. They’re very flirty, they even kissed once a couple of years ago, but that was it…Kendall is very cautious though. The last thing she wants is another player messing with her head like Harry did, so Chris is going to have to work hard to get her. He’s a player, but if he wants her, he’s going to have to give that life up.”

Kendall and Chris are cute together — they were last seen in a video spoofing “Damn, Daniel.” The way Kendall slaps her leg when Chris sends up the “back at it again with the white vans” line from the original — referring to Kendall’s black boots in this case — is pretty adorable.

International Business Times reports that Chris too is being cautious because he does not want to ruin his friendship with the supermodel, and that if they do decide to take things further he will ask Kris Jenner for permission. IBT even reports that Brown has been gripped by racy, explicit sexual thoughts about Kendall in recent times. It sounds like Harry Styles is acting as a protective bulwark, preventing Kendall from getting involved in an X-rated and steamy encounter, indeed!

“The boy has thoughts about her. Sexy nasty thoughts.”

Kendall has said repeatedly that she is not interested in a purely sexual encounter — she is ready for a serious relationship. If the memory of Harry stops Kendall from getting hurt, perhaps we could even call this particular Harry-haunting a beneficial one. Harry is not an evil sprite, rather, he is a benevolent spirit.

Which brings us to Taylor Swift. Harry Styles continued to inspire Taylor Swift songs literally years after they broke up. “Style” and “Out Of The Woods” from Taylor’s pretty 1989 album were both rumored to be about Harry. The video for “Out Of The Woods” ends with a text snippet saying “she lost him, but found herself.” Taylor gives a few hints that she was not impressed with Harry’s driving skills — “Out Of The Woods” describes him “hitting the brakes too soon,” and leaving her bloodied and getting stitches in hospital. This may be a dig about Harry’s literal road skills, but it is also likely to be a metaphor exploring the abrupt way Harry reportedly ended the relationship, according to Sugarscape.

“[He] disappeared one night and after that it was like he just didn’t want to keep going.”

This abrupt end certainly seems to have left Taylor emotionally wounded, if not literally in hospital.

“She’s still obsessed with him. She never got over him, like she did with with John and Jake. Harry really had a huge impact on her.”

Harry had a huge impact on the singer-songwriter, according to Hollywood Life. Although, as in Kendall’s case, there is a silver lining here: Taylor’s songs about Harry were well-received and 1989 even won her a Grammy.

Sources report that the singer vehemently denies that she is obsessed by Harry, but it was obvious that she was as late as 2015. Outlets even reported that Taylor hated seeing Harry with Kendall when they hooked up in 2016 — Swift was quoted as saying that “it bites” seeing Harry and Kendall together.

“She makes references to him all the time still, but if she’s confronted with the question of, ‘Why are you still singing about him?’ she’ll just say, ‘It’s just a song.’ She’ll totally downplay it… He’s so hard to dislike first off. He’s not a jerk, he’s super charming and she was really in love with him.”

Is Harry Styles a love devastator? Are all these women and/or media outlets lying?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]