‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Is Rick Grimes To Blame For Negan’s Wrath?

The Walking Dead season 6, episode 13 airs this Sunday on AMC. Titled “The Same Boat,” fans will find out who took Carol (Melissa McBride) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and if the two TWD women survive. In the past, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group have always been considered the “good guys” of the zombie apocalyptic world. Over time, certain events and situations changed all of The Walking Dead characters, whether it is noticeable to fans or not. Perhaps Grimes and Co. are no longer the good people they once were? This is what an advance preview of The Walking Dead season 6, episode 13 teases. Also, could Alexandria have avoided problems with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors if Rick hadn’t stirred up things up? Could Negan’s wrath be Rick’s fault on The Walking Dead?

Spoiler TV published an advance preview of The Walking Dead season 6, episode 13. In “The Same Boat,” the question of the episode is if Rick’s group are really still the “good guys.”

Fans of The Walking Dead that have been watching since day one know that Rick Grimes and the others are good people. However, it isn’t the same world it once was. Not only has the world changed in The Walking Dead, but the group has faced – and survived – some extreme situations. Those, along with the elements of the new world, would change anybody.

So, are Rick’s group still good people or have they gone bad and just don’t know it? Yes, they are still the “good guys.” The Walking Dead characters just aren’t so innocent or naive when it comes to dealing with other survivors. They might dole out some harsh punishments these days, but only if they are deserved. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Carol will give one of the Saviors an unforgettable death in season 6, episode 13. The Spoiling Dead Fans also teased that fans might see a bit of Terminus in Carol’s actions on the next episode of TWD.

Rick and the others learned their lesson from the Governor, Joe and the Claimers, as well as Terminus. People in the ZA rarely use fair reasoning or negotiating. It isn’t about what is good and fair, it is about how to hold on to the little power and control you have while keeping loved ones safe.

As for Negan’s wrath on The Walking Dead, the battle with Rick’s group wasn’t something that Negan planned, according to Spoiler TV. While the Hilltop Colony was taken over by the Saviors long ago, Alexandria was untouched. Perhaps Negan didn’t realize it was there, maybe he would have eventually gotten to it or there could be another reason they weren’t given a “deal” like Hilltop was. It doesn’t really matter now because Rick’s group went and started a war in the name of Jesus (and to get half of Hilltop’s resources, which Alexandria desperately needs.)

This isn’t to say that Rick is some ZA bully picking on poor Negan. The Walking Dead comic book villain is ruthless in every sense of the word. Fans are hoping that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of Negan will stay true to the comic book version and I think it will.

Is it Rick’s fault when the group feels Negan’s wrath on The Walking Dead? I don’t believe it is, but I can see how some TWD characters (and fans) think it might be. Negan and the Saviors would have come for Alexandria eventually, even if Rick and Daryl had never met Jesus.

What do you think of some people thinking Negan’s wrath is Rick’s fault? Do you believe the core characters of The Walking Dead are still the “good guys” in the zombie apocalypse?

The Walking Dead season 6, episode 13, titled “The Same Boat” airs Sunday night on AMC.

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