Eagles’ Randy Meisner’s Crazy Tale Of Accidental Shooting Proven By Videotape

The story of the accidental shooting death of Lana Rae Meisner, wife of Eagles bassist Randy Meisner, sounded crazy and unbelievable, and it was hard to imagine how and why Los Angles police believed that the shooting death, on the heels of a domestic abuse 911 call, could possibly be an accident. But now we know it was because the shooting was caught on tape by surveillance cameras that were all around the Meisner home.

According to the Inquisitr, the situation surrounding the shooting death of Lana Rae Meisner, wife of Eagles musician Randy Meisner, seemed to reach the pinnacle of crazy when the LAPD released a statement that said that Meisner was killed when cowboy spurs fell out of a box, struck the trigger of a gun in the closet, and shot Lana Rae Meisner in the head, killing her instantly. To many people following the story, this seemed impossible to believe.


But then a story was released that the LAPD believed that the tale behind Lana Meisner’s shooting so quickly because according to Radar Online, it was caught on tape. Randy and Lana Meisner had functional security cameras all over their house, and one camera caught the whole shooting and death of Lana Meisner.

After the police were told that the cameras in every room in the house were functional, they asked for the tapes, and former Eagle Randy Meisner handed them over, just before he was taken to the hospital where he is being kept on a psych hold.

“She was shot in the head, and it was a gruesome death scene,” said the insider. “Even the most seasoned cops were stunned by the damage the gun did to her head. It went everywhere.”


The police watched the videos, and together with Randy Meisner’s statement, they were able to determine that the shooting was indeed a freak accident. The Meisners were both behaving oddly in the time before the shooting, but it has been confirmed that there were two people at home, and Randy Meisner did not shoot Lana Meisner.


The Daily Mail is reporting that though the actual shooting of Lana Meisner was an accident, the relationship between Eagles’s bassist Randy Meisner and his wife Lana Meisner was a recipe for disaster, with substance abuse and mental illness as its key component, and the way the couple related to each other.

A detective who met with the Meisners earlier in the day after the domestic violence 911 call, left without charging either party, because they claimed it was an every day marital squabble, and did not require additional police intervention. With the videotape, the LAPD was able to determine that Randy Meisner was not in the room when Lana Meisner was shot.

“There will never be any charges in this case and it has been decided that it was an accidental death.”

Randy Meisner, who in addition to mental illness, also had a prior heart attack, and in the past, was allegedly afraid of his wife, Lana Meisner, and had called 911 on domestic abuse calls, according to court documents. The records detail over six events of such abuse.

“He [Meisner] called the police who asked Lana to leave the home and Randy said in a statement that he was left ‘shaking’ and ‘extremely concerned’ and ‘afraid’ that she would return and continue to attack him.”

Randy Meisner tried to secretly get an order keeping Lana Meisner away from his home.

“She has a place to live with her mother, and she has perpetuated physical violence upon me. I am afraid that if Lana gets notice of this application prior to the restraining order, that she will come to the home and become enraged and perhaps kill me.”


Though Lana Meisner was aware that Randy Meisner was an alcoholic and on psychiatric medication, she allegedly gave him alcohol as a way to control him.

Do you think Randy Meisner will remain in the psychiatric hospital?

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