‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: What Is Dr. Griffin Munro’s Connection To Anna?

The new doctor in Port Charles has been quite a mysterious man since he arrived. No one knows exactly who he is, or what is his past history, but General Hospital viewers are about to find out soon. Dr. Griffin Munro, played by actor Matt Cohen, has been an interesting character so far, and as time goes on, fans will get to know exactly why he has been following Anna Devane around.

On Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, Griffin confronted Anna and told her that he has been following her. Just who is this guy and what connection does he have with her? No one knows for sure yet because he got interrupted by a call to head back to the hospital. He left Anna standing on her doorstep before he got a chance to tell her.

One thing is for sure, Anna feels some sort of connection with the doc. She met with Andre to ask him what he knows about Dr. Munro. While Andre didn’t have anything significant to tell her, Anna did confess that from the first time that she saw the doctor, she felt like she has seen him before. What does that mean?

Since the former police commissioner has been grieving her true love, Duke Lavery, and has been trying to bring his killer down, it may be heading towards Griffin having some sort of connection to Duke. In fact, Celebrity Dirty Laundry has posted that he is actually Duke Lavery’s son that has come back to meet Anna.

Many General Hospital rumors have been floating around social media that he may really be Duke and Anna’s long lost child. Years ago Anna lost her baby with Duke and she was heartbroken over that. Many thought that eventually that child would show up in Port Charles looking for Anna and Duke. However, CDL says that Dr. Munro is Duke’s son, but not Anna’s. This could be why she told Andre that she seems to have met him before because she sees Duke in him.

Of course, this is not all written in stone, but it sure makes sense. Anna is trying to hold onto Duke’s memory and this would be the next best thing to having him there with her. Having Duke’s son would be good for Anna and she can share those memories with Griffin.

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If this is all really true, then it will be intriguing to find out his back story. If Anna is not his mother, then who is? Where has Griffin been all this time? Did Duke even know that he had a child out there?

The General Hospital writers still could very well have Dr. Munro be Anna’s son with Duke. That long lost child that she thought she miscarried could have somehow survived, as suggested by General Hospital Blog. That is certainly a long shot, but anything can happen in the soap world. Look how many people have come back from the dead. So, this is not totally out of the question.

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Needless to say, General Hospital fans are quite anxious to find out exactly what has brought Dr. Griffin Munro to Port Charles besides diagnosing a mysterious condition that Tracy Quarteramine could be suffering from. So far, it looks like he is a very caring doctor who doesn’t mind going the extra mile to make sure his patients get the best treatment, and the correct diagnosis as well. But is he really as nice as he seems to be?

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What will Anna do when she finds out that Duke has a son, if this is all indeed true? There has also been talk that Duke could still be alive. Fans of General Hospital would love for actor Ian Buchanan to return to his role as Duke Lavery so that he and Anna can be happy together once again. If Carlos can fake his death, then it is entirely possible that Duke could have as well.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital’s Dr. Griffin Munro being the son of Duke Lavery?

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