Rob Lowe Explains Why He Hasn’t Aged Since The 80s

Rob Lowe launched a fragrance for Profile

Rob Lowe knows he looks youthful, and at age 51, he has no problem sharing his secrets. The former Brat Packer says fans routinely come up to him and tell him that he doesn’t look his age. According to People, at the launch for his new men’s fragrance 18 Amber Wood by Profile, Lowe said people still ask him how it’s possible that he looks the same as he did when he was in the movie St. Elmo’s Fire. If you’re not an ’80s brat, St. Elmo’s Fire came out in 1985, when Lowe was a baby-faced kid barely of drinking age.

30 years ago today, "St. Elmo's Fire" opened in theaters. It was outta hand.

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But Lowe says he doesn’t mind being teased over his youthful appearance. The actor instead says he sees it as a compliment that people still remember him from when he first started out in the business more than 30 years ago.

“Listen, if that’s the worst of poking fun I get, I am so far ahead of the game. What I like to believe they’re really saying is that I’ve been relevant for a long time, and that’s a huge compliment.”

But Rob also dished that his young good looks aren’t entirely due to his lucky genetics. In fact, he revealed that he has definitely had a little help from the pros.

“I do believe one of the reasons for my sort of youthfulness is that professionals have been doing the right thing by me for a long, long time.”

While Rob didn’t go into detail about what “professionals” have helped him with, he has come clean about some of his secrets. Last year, Lowe launched Profile, a “performance grooming” and skincare line for men. His latest launch? The 18 Amber Wood fragrance. Rob said his inspiration for his new fragrance came after teaching grooming habits to his sons John, 20, and Matthew, 22.

“I can remember the day where it started with, ‘Um maybe deodorant now? Maybe it’s time? Okay, so I see you’ve discovered Axe everything, maybe a little less of that?’ Now they’re young men, and we have the conversation of what is the appropriate grooming and way to present you as a young man. And these are all the conversations that Profile is about.”

Lowe describes his Profile scent “an event fragrance.” The star of The Grinder spent three years working on it and he says he wears the fragrance every day himself. In addition to fragrance, Lowe’s Profile line includes moisturizer, cleanser, shaving products, and under-eye serum to help every man put his best face forward. And for anyone who’s hoping to unlock Rob Lowe’s fountain of youth, keep in mind that his regimen is simple. In an interview with In Style last year, Lowe revealed that he spent nearly six years developing his skincare line, which is based on his own simple regimen. Rob said he finally spilled the beans on the “program” that keeps him young looking because people constantly ask him about it.

“I have a very simple, easy regimen I do everyday that’s not fussy and not complicated because I hate doing stuff like that.”

Rob Lowe has been vocal about his healthy lifestyle. He recently marked a major milestone with 25 years of sober living. Considering he stopped putting the bad stuff into his body when he was still in his 20s, that may explain why his skin tells a very clear story.

Rob Lowe’s Profile line is available online and in Nordstrom department stores. Take a look at the video below to see Rob Lowe talking about his Profile products.

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