Ben Higgins’ Mom Reveals Her Pick For Him In Emotional Clip

It is almost time for Ben Higgins to pick his final girl, and he has to choose between Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher. Now, in a new emotional preview for The Bachelor, Ben Higgins talks to his family about who he should pick in the end. Ben wants to make the right choice, but loving two girls makes it a hard decision. Of course, Ben values the opinion of his parents. E! Online shared a preview that shows what Ben Higgins’ mom had to say about it all.

In this clip, his mom shares that she has a clear favorite, which has everyone wondering if Ben will listen to his mom and pick who she wants him to in the end. She explains that JoJo is way more her style of girl. Ben’s mom says that she really likes how JoJo will tell him it is going to be okay and reassure him about things. It is obvious that she likes both girls, but has a clear favorite.

After that, Ben’s dad goes on to say that JoJo has fallen in love with him, but Ben reveals that he is very confused at this time. It is obvious that he fell in love with both of the girls. Ben’s mom gets very emotional explaining it and says that her choice is nothing against either girl, but she would pick JoJo in the end.

If Ben Higgins did pick Lauren Bushnell, it is going to be hard on her to watch this play back on the show and see that his mom didn’t agree with his choice. It is obvious that Ben’s mom has nothing against her, but she isn’t the one that Ben’s mom would choose. The Inquisitr already shared that Ben Higgins’ mom did help him choose the winner, which has fans wondering if that means that he listens to his mom on this pick.

Ben goes on to reveal that he never thought he would be in this situation.

He said, “I never thought in my life that I could be in love with two people at one time. I could picture both Jojo and Lauren being my wife. I have no idea who I could be saying goodbye to at this point.”

Ben has to tell one girl goodbye even though he loves her. This is going to be hard for the other girl to watch now that the show has finished filming.

Us Magazine shared some of the details of Ben Higgins’ big proposal that everyone will get to see next week. Ben is very traditional and calls the father of his pick to get permission to propose. Of course, this dad says yes, and Ben is clear to ask his girl for her hand. Ben will propose by getting down on one knee and asking her for her hand in marriage with a 3-carat emerald-cut diamond set in platinum (worth $100,000) from jeweler Neil Lane. An insider shared part of what will happen when it all goes down.

“Ben told her she’s the most beautiful woman and he wants to wake up next to her every morning. She said, ‘I’m the luckiest girl!'”

Are you ready to see who Ben Higgins picks in the end? Do you think that his mom made the right choice? Fans can’t wait to see how it all goes down in the end. Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts, and don’t miss the finale of The Bachelor on Monday, March 14 on ABC.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]