WWE News: Triple H And Vince McMahon At Odds Once Again, What Does It Mean For WWE’s Future?

Vince McMahon and Triple H have always gotten along it seems. When you marry into the family via his daughter Stephanie, you surely need to get along well with the man. Many believe Triple H’s career was built because of the marriage, which many would say is unfair as he became a star because he was good at what he did. He was always willing to do what was best for the company and would beat or lose to anyone Vince asked him to to. Triple H is a company man and Vince can trust that The Game is only trying to do what is best for business.

That means that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, now on WWE’s Board, have as much of a say in what goes on as anyone in the company. Most believe the only person over them is Vince McMahon himself, which is good and bad. Due to the lack of filter, all things are handled personally between the three of them. If Triple H has an idea, he takes it to Vince. If Vince has an issue with something regarding Triple H, he talks to him directly.

The business itself is good because of it, but it can also get rough because things can begin to get personal. On top of this, the two sides often disagree a lot and many things will happen that one side won’t be happy with. The case of Finn Balor’s debut is one of the many things the two sides disagree on. Vince reportedly wanted Balor to debut last year, however the move was held off for a number of reasons. One being the fact that both Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami were out due to injury. On top of that WWE NXT needed a top star to tour with during the big tour push late last year into this year.

Balor win

Balor is coming up on the longest NXT Championship reign in history and he is more than ready to debut on the main roster. However, Balor is not in any hurry. Who can blame him after the bulk of NXT talent that has come up only to be held back in favor of others who weren’t working well before. According to Daily Wrestling News, Vince wants to bring up Balor as well as bring in Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows with him. In fact, he wanted to do this as recently as this past week on WWE RAW in Chicago, Illinois this past week.

This was not necessarily blocked by Triple H, but The Game does control talent relations and unless Vince made a major management call to bring a guy up, a talent won’t be called upon until Triple H gives the go ahead. That was the entire point of having Triple H control the talent relations area of the company. With Triple H also having a role in creative and a spot on the board of directors along with his wife, who will have his side, Triple H holds a great deal of power in WWE. That does help when talking to Vince.

The real issue between the two sides is truly NXT. Vince reportedly does not see a lot of stars in NXT, but does see the value in his touring potential. That is why he would not call for the firing of a great deal of the talent Triple H has signed. However, Triple H feels that a lot of the talent can be big for WWE if given the right opportunity. Due to how Vince has booked the NXT talent that has come up, truly barring Kevin Owens only, most have been terribly used. The real star that WWE has had to come out of NXT is Seth Rollins.

Nakamura HHH Steph

The rest of the newer stars from the past few years like Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose weren’t really NXT talent, but were part of the FCW product. Triple H was barely into the talent relations role when the three of them came in. However, Triple H took a liking to Rollins and due to the fact that he felt he could do well with an Authority stigma behind him, the decision was made to turn him heel over the other Shield members long ago. That led to a push which Rollins did well with mostly.

Others like Big E. and the like have had success but he and Reigns were used as much as they were due to their looks alone and not really based on their skill level early on. That truly is what hurts the product and why Vince sees a lack of stars. The bulk of NXT’s talent that people love are smaller athletes. While they could be big in WWE, they are going to be held back primarily due to their look. There is not a wonder why Triple H wants to hold off the debut of Balor.

With Vince and Triple H disagreeing over talent, a lot has been speculated regarding the future of WWE. Many feel things will change a lot when someone other than Vince McMahon holds the power. A lot of people internally feel that Triple H and Stephanie would do a far better job with the product if given full creative control, recruit who they want, and generally be able to do whatever they feel like. With Vince in power, that won’t happen. Naturally that means disagreements will come up between the two sides.

Shane, Steph, Vince

Many think Triple H will be leaning toward his executive side more after WrestleMania is over, as his talent contract expires later this month. Now, rumors of Vince playing Shane McMahon against his daughter and son-in-law are coming out. This could be done because Vince really does seem to want Shane back in the family business, or because he wants to push Stephanie and Triple H a bit so that things can get better.

Of course, Vince himself truly controls the direction of WWE, so the rumor of him playing the Shane card may not be completely true. However, on television this is very much the case it seems. The product has gotten better since Shane’s return, which could just be WrestleMania season writing. Or it could be a step in the right direction.

To credit this rumor a bit, Vince never wanted Shane to leave WWE. He always wanted to leave the business in the hands of his children, not just in the hands of Stephanie. That said, there could be internal talks of Shane coming back to the company in some way, especially after how well this program has gone for him. Shane has been so surprised at the reactions he has gotten from fans. On top of this, he has spoken about how he would like for his boys to take over in the future as well. All of this could lead to a return, which would then make things very interesting behind the scenes.

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