‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Morgan Is Building A Better Jail Cell — Is Rick Or Negan Going In It?

The Walking Dead is heading closer and closer to the end of season 6, making the arrival of the baddest bad guy in the history of TV. With Negan’s arrival, drastic measures must be taken. Is that why Morgan has been building a jail cell? Or is Morgan concerned about Rick’s leadership and thinks that his old friend might need a time out? Read these TWD spoilers to see what Morgan has going on and how his new jail cell might be used in upcoming episodes of the hit AMC series.

Greg Nicotero recently spoke to Yahoo TV and gave an explanation about the new jail cell that Morgan is building and it makes a lot of sense. Apparently, the old cell in Alexandria isn’t worth much. Jesus broke out of it with no problem and then surprised Michonne and Rick while they were laying naked in bed together.

“The jail cell that they had wasn’t necessarily much of a jail cell,” Nicotero explained. “It was like a little room with a little metal gate.” It seems that Alexandria wasn’t ready for much before Rick Grimes and his group of survivors showed up. The residents had built a wall to keep walkers and other threats out but had no real plan in place if something were to breach their gates and come in.

“I think Morgan is committed to the next time they have somebody in there, if they need to, they’ll attempt to rehabilitate them,” the TWD executive producer said. “He wants to be equipped. It goes back to his story with Eastman. Let’s be honest, Jesus didn’t last very long in that place. It can’t be that secure.”

Morgan recently escaped his death from The Walking Dead comic books when Tyreese died instead. Now it looks like Rick’s longtime friend is looking to bring some humanity to Alexandria. When Rick stood in front of the survivors in Alexandria and asked for their support in his plan to kill Negan, Morgan was the only one who stood up and challenged Rick. The group went on to Negan’s compound anyway and as we saw, things definitely didn’t go as planned.

There has been some talk in The Walking Dead fan groups about whether or not Morgan might try to usurp Rick’s power and lead the group in a more peaceful direction. Morgan feels like the group shouldn’t be so quick to kill other living humans. Instead, he believes in rehabilitation and wants to give others a second chance. We don’t think he will put Rick in the cell, or if he does, it will be very temporary.

Instead, it looks like Morgan is tragically underestimating just how terrifying Negan really is. Nicotero and Kirkman have warned The Walking Dead fans that even they don’t understand just how bad of a man Negan is. We all know he is bad and in the comics we know that Negan kills Glenn by bashing his head in with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat named Lucille. That’s pretty barbaric and we know that scene is coming to The Walking Dead, probably just in time for the season 6 finale.

Negan’s character goes on beyond that scene in the comics, so TWD fans can expect Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character to be back for season 7 and possibly even longer. Spoiler alert — Rick and the survivors do not beat Negan and the Saviors in the season 6 finale. Instead, fans should buckle down for a tragic death and a horrific cliffhanger to have them begging for resolution in season 7.

The jail cell is clearly for Negan, whom Morgan thinks he can help to become not evil. Morgan is already dead at this point in the comic books but got to keep going in the AMC series in order to complete his story. In the comics, Negan does end up in that jail cell and only just recently, he escaped from it. The Walking Dead fans have been upset with Robert Kirkman recently about Negan’s escape, because he promised that Negan would never escape.

Since The Walking Dead writers can sort of freestyle Morgan’s story now, are they foreshadowing his downfall and death? TWD plants a lot of clues way ahead of time for those who are paying attention. Is it possible that Morgan’s opposition of Rick and his choice to build a jail cell to hopefully rehabilitate Negan be the reason that he dies? We’ll have to keep watching into season 7 and beyond to answer that question.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]