‘Scream’ Season 2 Spoilers: Release Date, Plot And New Cast Announced [Video]

Scream the TV series is about to enter its sophomore season on cable network MTV and there is much to be excited about with what’s to come. Season 2 will be the one that carries on the torch that was lit last year, and continue to burn for Scream fans across the nation.

First of all, season 2 of Scream will feature Kiana Lede playing the character Zoe, Anthony Ruivivar as Sheriff Michael Acosta and Santiago Segura as Gustavo Acosta, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Zoe has been characterized as a girl with a mysterious past that brings a mystery along with her to Lakewood. Michael Acosta has come to town as the new sheriff and Gustavo Acosta as a creepy kind of guy who is firmly embedded within the horror fiction community. His knowledge of horror from all mediums is well reflected in his art and being the outsider makes him all that more of a likely suspect as a killer on season 2 of Scream.

Fans that followed Scream every week last summer for season 1 will be pleased to know that even though all signs point to Audrey being the second killer in the next season, there is going to be a few Easter eggs thrown your way that will definitely change your mind early in season 2. What you should really realize is that the franchise of Scream is all about misdirection and making its audience think that the killer is one person, while all along it was someone else. It was what made the franchise such a huge hit from the beginning.

Although the Scream franchise has taken the plot and the universe to a completely different universe for the TV adaptation, that does not mean that it is not going to follow all of its originally established rules.

Season 2 of Scream is going to start off with the return of Emma to Lakewood. Following her bloody ordeal last year, Emma has now taken the necessary time to grieve and recover from her trauma. She had been away at a retreat to deal with the serious mental stress that season 1 of Scream had put her through.

In other events on season 2 of Scream, Audrey has her own scenes about her mysterious connection to the killer and she will be getting harassed by someone who appears to know her dirty little secret, although the fans don’t even know the whole truth about her, at least not yet. For all we know, she could be an undercover government agent (not likely though).

But Scream would not be the show it set out to be if it were to give you all of the answers right away. This is a TV show that requires its fans to put the pieces of the puzzle together at every possible moment to keep you guessing. All of the clues are presented on-screen, but fans see them in very obscure places and the scenes are so unremarkable that it does not quite register for the viewer.

So what will be the killer’s motive in season 2 of Scream? Well, revenge was a major motive in season 1, and it will also be the motive for season 2, just not for the same reasons. It seems as if the heroes from season 1 will be a major target in season 2, which will make the stakes even higher and the scenes could indeed be more bloody and brutal. But it will be hard to top some of the scenes from season 1.

Scream season 2 will premiere on MTV on May 31, at 10 p.m. EST. It will also have some new showrunners, which include Michael Gans and Richard Register.

[Image via MTV]