‘The Big Bang Theory’ ‘Application Deterioration’: A Contract Leads To A Big Mess For Howard

The latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, “Application Deterioration,” had Sheldon gleefully agreeing to something he’ll most likely forget by the next episode. Yes, Jim Parsons’ character is known for his eidetic memory, but his tendencies will likely get the best of him after this episode.

There are spoilers in this article, so if you don’t want the next episode ruined, you should probably click away. You may have recorded the episode on your DVR, so go see it before reading on. Otherwise, you may need to wait until it’s released on Blu-ray and DVD, or subscribe to CBS All Access.


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The subject of this episode of The Big Bang Theory is one Sheldon Cooper could talk about for hours, “with gusto.” He loves a contract and enjoys reading them, writing them, and forcing his friends to sign them. Unfortunately for this episode, Sheldon also loves giving Howard (Simon Helberg) a hard time about being an engineer, and in his eyes, mentally inferior. To be fair, he does that with everybody, but Howard often gets the worst of it.

When Howard, Sheldon, and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) invent a superfluid helium… something, they start dreaming of what they’ll do with all of the money from the profits, according to Vulture. Technically, if you look around Sheldon’s apartment, you’ll find a lot of items that nobody on a small income could afford, but that’s beside the point. The university steps in and tells them that since they invented the project on university property, the invention itself is university property. They are informed that they will receive 25 percent of the profits to split between them. However, since Howard works for NASA, he won’t get anything from the university.

Sheldon comes up with an idea that has proven to be a regular Big Bang Theory trope. He writes up another agreement in the spirit of the “roommate agreement” and the “relationship agreement,” which entitles Howard to receive his share of the profits. However, before Wolowitz can sign it, Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) informs him that he’s about to sign a contract with Sheldon and should make a few extra demands.

Those demands include the agreement that Sheldon can no longer poke fun at Howard for any reason, not even his view that the Nicolas Cage movie Ghost Rider isn’t horrible. Yes, The Big Bang Theory threw in another popular opinion about a movie much like the recurring “Ben Affleck as Daredevil” joke.

Instead of being disappointed that he’s no longer allowed to give Howard a hard time, Sheldon is elated that he’s being given to chance to write up an addendum. We’ll see if he can hold up his part of that agreement past this episode.

The other part of this episode of The Big Bang Theory has to do with Rajesh (Kunal Nayyar) and his first lasting relationship on the show. When he first appeared, and for several seasons, Raj couldn’t talk to women at all. It wasn’t until he broke up with the equally awkward Lucy (Kate Micucci) that he was finally able to talk, and it’s almost worked against him ever since. Now he’s torn between two women, Emily (Laura Spencer) and Claire (Alessandra Torresani), and has to choose one.

As Fox News reports, Raj ends up in bed with Emily by the end of this episode of The Big Bang Theory.

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