‘General Hospital’ Schedule Shift: Episode Move Slated As Nancy Reagan Funeral Coverage Bumps Show In Some Areas

General Hospital spoilers have been teasing a juicy episode ahead for Friday, March 11. Unfortunately, the network has made a schedule change, and that means that viewers will be left hanging until Monday to see what comes next. What’s the scoop?

It is time for Helena Cassadine’s will to finally be read, and General Hospital spoilers have teased that there are some twists and turns ahead on this front. As We Love Soaps details, the Cassadine matriarch has put some shockers into her will, and those at the reading will be given some impactful words and meaningful gifts as things progress.

Some have been buzzing that a new, mysterious Cassadine may come out of the woodwork in the midst of this event, while others are wondering if truths about Jake Spencer’s time in captivity may emerge. General Hospital spoilers have teased that whatever is laid out in Helena’s will is going to spark a new adventure of some sort for Laura. Scotty Baldwin will have everybody gathered as this reading begins, and he teases big surprises as everybody else nervously and anxiously awaits the details.

The next episode brings a confession of sorts from Nathan as well. He accidentally mentioned someone named “Claudette” to Maxie after his shooting, and she got quite worried about who this mysterious person was. She told Nathan that it ultimately did not matter, as she loves him no matter what. However, this is seemingly still gnawing at him, as General Hospital spoilers share that Nathan is going to tell Dante the truth about who Claudette actually is.

Dr. Griffin Munro has been sneaking around and following Anna. Earlier in the week, she caught him and confronted him. General Hospital spoilers tease that during the next episode, she will figure out who he is and why he has been following her.

Many fans have speculated that he may magically turn out to be her son, but that will not quite be the case. Teasers indicate that he will reveal that he is Duke’s son, and he will soon fill Anna is on who his mother is as well. While he will share some tidbits about his background, it seems that there will be some additional surprises revealed about Griffin in the episodes ahead.

Although all of this was slated to play out on Friday, March 11, ABC executive Nathan Varni has shared that the episode is being moved to Monday, March 14. ABC will be televising coverage of Nancy Reagan’s funeral Friday afternoon, preempting General Hospital in some time zones.

Rather than air this show at a different time for some areas, while letting it run as scheduled in other time zones, the network has decided to preempt it across the board. Areas of the country not impacted by the timing of broadcasting Reagan’s funeral will see an encore episode of General Hospital, and this show covering Helena’s will reading and the other tidbits will air in full on Monday, with the other upcoming episodes all being pushed out a day as well.

What do you think Helena has orchestrated to shake up everybody in Port Charles? News has just come out that the show is recasting the role of Jake, and many have a hunch that there may well be some twists and turns ahead regarding the character as a result of whatever Helena has put in her will. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as new teasers for the week of March 14 become available.

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