‘RHOBH’ Star Yolanda Hadid Praises Erika Girardi And Eileen Davidson, Refuses To Address Lisa Rinna’s Claims

The questions surrounding Yolanda Hadid’s battle with Lyme disease reached new heights in the recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While some cast members have doubted whether or not she actually has the disease, Lisa Rinna accused Hadid of using her illness for her own advantage. Hadid has since fired back about the accusations, though she failed to address Rinna’s claims head on.

According to Wet Paint, the feud between the ladies heated up during Rinna’s conversation with Eileen Davidson. In a private moment, Rinna admitted that Hadid probably has the dreaded disease but that she is manipulating her situation to gain other advantages.

“I believe she is sick, but I think we are being painted into a corner because of that sickness,” Rinna told Davidson. “I just feel like maybe she uses that sickness to her advantage in a lot of ways. Get a lot of sympathy. And I know that she doesn’t want a lot of pity, but boy.”

In her newest blog post on Bravo, Hadid brought up some of the issues that were talked about in the show’s latest installment. When it came to the conversation Rinna had with Davidson, however, Hadid did not address any of the claims Rinna made. Instead, she sidestepped the issue by referencing her need to get healthy over worrying about certain allegations.

'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Star Lisa Rinna Slams Yolanda Foster 'I Was Your Scapegoat' [Image via Bravo]
Lisa Rinna had already accused Yolanda Foster of using her as a "scapegoat." [Image via Bravo]

“I have chosen to no longer engage in the Munchausen story but rather preserve my energy and use it where necessary in my healing process,” Hadid wrote. “It is important for me to stay on my path of gratitude. I choose to follow the knowledge and clarity of knowing who I am and what I stand for rather than participating in insincere gossip about my disease.”

At the same time, Yolanda Hadid went on to praise Erika Girardi for not getting herself involved in the controversy. She also had a few kind words to share about Davidson, who didn’t completely agree with Rinna’s perspective on the matter.

“Erika so beautifully touched on the practice of respect. Freedom of expression is not a permit to be disrespectful, and it seems there are blurred lines when it comes to this, especially when social media is involved,” Hadid stated. “Anyways, it’s great to see Erika and Eileen’s authenticity and their ability to stand up for what is right – I am glad to know that true friendships still exist.”

Even still, Hadid did not refute any of Rinna’s claims. Whether this is because she is simply tired of talking about the issue or because she doesn’t have a good excuse is unknown.

Erika Girardi [Image via Bravo]
Erika Girardi was Yolanda's friend prior to being on the RHOBH. [Image via Bravo]

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Gossip is reporting that Rinna didn’t hold back in her latest blog post. In fact, the reality star discussed Hadid’s decision to skip out on Girardi’s meet and greet dinner.

“I was surprised that Yolanda wasn’t there since Erika has been such a loyal and supportive friend to her,” Rinna shared. “I knew this was somewhat of a big deal for Erika to have us all over to meet Tom, who is a very busy man, and I thought surely Yolanda would make the effort to join us. I guess Yolanda didn’t ‘count her spoons’ that day and wore herself out at lunch with Brandi and Kim.”

Clearly, the feud between the ladies is only going to get more heated as the season continues to develop. If the latest revelations are anything to go by, then this is not going to end for one of the parties involved. Hopefully the two can resolve their issues before it’s too late.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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[Image via Bravo]