Could ‘The Bachelor’s’ JoJo Fletcher Replace Caila Quinn As The Next ‘Bachelorette’?

The Bachelor still has one more episode to go, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about which former contestant will become the next leading lady on The Bachelorette. A casting announcement is still a ways off, although a couple of the ladies appeared ready for the role during the “Women Tell All” episode. While some fans are placing their bets on Caila Quinn, is JoJo Fletcher a better option?

According to the International Business Times, producers are considering a number of women for the job, including Quinn, Fletcher, Lauren Bushnell, and Becca Tilley. Both Fletcher and Bushnell are the two finalists on The Bachelor, so one of them will be ruled out next week. For her part, Quinn interviewed with host Chris Harrison and appeared ready to audition for The Bachelorette.

“It’s hard to watch it back,” Quinn shared. “But, you know, what was really good for me was to see his relationship with Lauren B. and JoJo. Because the way he looks at them, I want somebody to look at me that way one day. I want that. I want someone who can’t control how much they love me.”

Quinn’s narrative sounded a lot like Harrison was setting her up to be the next Bachelorette. In fact, a lot of fans were quick to pick up on the not-so-subtle storyline.

“Twenty seconds in and Caila is already nailing the Bachelorette audition (even though she’s already got it),” one Twitter user wrote.

“Caila’s dropping all the necessary ‘I’m the next bachelorette’ catch phrases and I’m so sad about it,” another fan posted on Twitter.

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In general, most fans on social media appeared less than thrilled about Quinn being the next reality dating star. With so many fans expressing their sadness on social media, Hollywood Life is reporting that Fletch would make a better Bachelorette.

At this point, it isn’t clear who Ben Higgins asked to be his wife at the end of The Bachelor. However, if he picks Bushnell, then not only does Fletcher have the perfect heartbreak story for The Bachelorette, but she’s also got the personality to pull it off.

Fletcher proved that she was fearless during this season of The Bachelor. After all, she did wear a unicorn head when she first met Higgins and was often the center of attention in the midst of all the other contestants. She is also dead set on finding love and has put her past romances behind her.

All of these traits make her an ideal candidate for The Bachelorette. The only thing going against her is her two older brothers, who are often overprotective of their younger sister. But even that would offer the network added drama, as contestants would have to gain their approval before winning over Fletcher’s heart.

Of course, this all depends on whether or not Higgins decides to ditch Fletcher for Bushnell in the upcoming finale. At the same time, the idea that Quinn will become the next Bachelorette might be a misdirection from ABC.

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According to Star Pulse, ABC is using Quinn as a distraction and plan on announcing someone completely different. The show has never cast a runner-up on The Bachelor for the top spot, although producers could be ready to switch things up this time around. Either way, the leading spot on The Bachelorette is usually one of the contestants The Bachelor brought back to his hometown. That means Fletcher, Quinn, Bushnell, and Amanda Stanton are up for the part.

Whatever producers end up deciding, the casting announcement is expected to be made via Twitter in the coming weeks.

Tell us! Which Bachelor cast-off do you think should be the next Bachelorette? Let us know in the comments, and check out an extended preview of the finale below.

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