March 11, 2016
Is There New 'The Vampire Diaries' This Week? When Does It Return?

Is there a new episode of The Vampire Diaries this week? According to reports, the show is not airing on March 11 with a new episode, so when will it return? What is in store for the Salvatore brothers and their friends?

"I Would For You" from March 4 saw the last episode set in the present day. Fans were left angry that Damon would choose to let himself desiccate for 60 years, leaving behind not only his brother but his best friend Bonnie. For some fans, the only saving grace of that Vampire Diaries episode was Bonnie's emotional speech, in which she told Damon how much she would miss him but didn't give him the chance to say goodbye.

Fans were even more disappointed at the way the show moved into the future, showing some of the flash-forward clips seen throughout The Vampire Diaries Season 7. Some claimed that it was lazy writing, as The Inquisitr has previously reported."I Would For You" ended with Stefan tied up and Rayna offering to transfer her mark to a vampire who really deserved it: the vampire who was supposed to be hit with her sword. Of course, Stefan was not going to let his brother die, so he refused to let it happen. In came Damon, and the episode ended with the cliffhanger of Damon telling Stefan that it was his idea. After all, he is dying from werewolf venom anyway. He may as well save his brother with his death.The cliffhanger made it clear that a short break was coming. There is no new The Vampire Diaries on March 11. The next time the show will air is April 1 with "Days of Future Past," according to Yibada.What can fans expect from the next episode besides for the fact that it is set three years into the future? The trailer makes it clear that Stefan will need to make his decision. Will he allow Rayna to transfer the mark to someone else? Will he choose Damon or his own life? It looks like Stefan is going to give in, too. As he is seen in pain, he finally agrees to leaving his brother behind.

Of course, that could just be very good cutting. There have been times in trailers where two scenes have been meshed together to make it look like they are the same. In this case, Stefan's "yes" could be an answer to a question earlier or later.

There are still many questions surrounding The Vampire Diaries. The episode synopsis for Days of Future Past has not been shared yet, but Julie Plec has discussed some of the events. She says there will be flashbacks (she is calling them "bridge backs") so that all the details are given and fans get to see how Matt became the man he is now and what happens to Bonnie in the three years while Damon desiccates.In The Vampire Diaries' most recent trailer, Enzo is also being blamed for Rayna's escape. There are expectations that the flashbacks will show how it happened and whether someone in The Armoury has a plan for her, the Heretics, and the Salvatore brothers.Episode 16 is also a big moment for The Vampire Diaries' cast. It is another episode directed by one of the actors: Ian Somerhalder. That does not mean he is not in the episode that much, and he is seen working with Valerie in an attempt to save Stefan.

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 will return on April 1 with an all new episode. It will then run until May 13, when it will air its season – and possibly series – finale.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]