March 11, 2016
Lana Del Rey's 'Ex' Francesco Carrozzini In L.A., Fans Confirm No Breakup

Lana Del Rey has been laying low since her trip to Europe to gather up awards, and the good news is that Francesco Carrozzini is back in Los Angeles from his months-long stint in Europe. Despite this, is Francesco Carrozzini in Los Angeles to see Lana Del Rey?

There were rumors in November 2015 that Lana Del Rey and Francesco Carrozzini had broken up, but there have been no confirmations of this speculation. In addition, there are reports that seem to conflict with the idea that Lana Del Rey and Francesco broke up in November.

Instead, the two were photographed in St. Barts in December 2015, according to Celebs L.A. Following that, Francesco and Lana Del Rey were separated while Francesco worked as a fashion photographer for the various fashion weeks throughout Europe in early 2016.

Lana Del Rey's boyfriend was in L.A. around February 24
Lana Del Rey's boyfriend, Francesco Carrozzini, was pictured in Los Angeles at pre-Oscar Parties in Beverley Hills around February 24. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

On the other hand, Daily Mail was convinced around March 4 that Lana Del Rey and Francesco Carrozzini must have broken up. Their photographers found Lana Del Rey and Francesco in Los Angeles on the same day, but they were not together.

When Daily Mail photographers did find Francesco Carrozzini, they claim he was eating dinner with "a mystery brunette woman." Lana Del Rey was also pictured around that time, and they said she looked "downtrodden." They also implied Lana Del Rey was depressed due to Francesco being in town but not together with her.

Could it be true that Lana Del Rey and Francesco have finally called it quits? Fans on Twitter do not seem to agree with that statement and claim that Lana Del Rey herself has denied that she has broken up with Francesco.

On March 2, a Twitter user posted "Rob Grant has confirmed that Lana Del Rey is dating Francesco according to fans who just met her."

As far as the "mystery brunette" that accompanied Francesco Carrozzini to dinner in Los Angeles in early March, this could be any of his and Lana Del Rey's friends, or maybe just one of his numerous photography clients.

For example, around March 7, Francesco Carrozzini was noted for taking new pictures of Heidi Klum by The Improper. Francesco also loves other singers besides Lana Del Rey, and PR Newswire writes that he was a cinematographer for a newly released Janis Joplin movie.

Outside of rumors about her relationship with Francesco Carrozzini, Lana Del Rey's life is interesting in other ways. For instance, a strange theme in Lana Del Rey's world over the course of 2016 has included Donald Trump.

Lana Del Rey fans say she told them she is still with Francesco Carrozzini
Lana Del Rey fans claim that she recently told them that she was still together with Francesco Carrozzini. (Picture by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lana Del Rey was slandered when a reviewer compared her to Donald Trump -- but Lana Del Rey might not have a problem with Donald Trump … until she learns more about him.

Just Jared quoted Lana Del Rey telling Elle U.K. her thoughts about Donald Trump around March 2 stating the following.

"There's a lot to talk about. I mean you know although I believe that personality shouldn't get in the way of people's true politics and what they are actually standing for, I need more information from all of my potential candidates... I need more time to figure out if what they're saying can pass through and is actually feasible. Not just with Trump but with democratic potential candidates."
For fans anticipating a Lana Del Rey concert this summer, the sad news is that she has not announced any American tour dates. Alternatively, Lana Del Rey has been putting in her notice to star in festivals around the world.

For example, Lana Del Rey will be at the Osheaga Fest in Montreal from July 29-31 and in Poland on June 3-4 for the Orange Warsaw Festival, according to Muzotakt.

Nevertheless, Lana Del Rey can bring the biggest fan to her knees, and this was apparent when Adele saw Lana Del Rey at the BRIT Awards. According to Mashable, when Adele caught a glimpse of Lana Del Rey, she literally became starstruck like a true fan girl.

[Picture by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]