'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey Wants To Lead 'Series To An End'

Ernie Howell

Teen Wolf wrapped its fifth season on Tuesday, and star Tyler Posey is already looking forward to what will happen during Season Six of Teen Wolf.

One of the biggest changes that might be happening for Teen Wolf as it heads into Season Six is less about Tyler Posey on screen and more about Tyler Posey behind the scenes. As the main group of characters is set for graduation, International Business Times has executive producer Jeff Davis musing on who the focus will be on for upcoming episodes of Teen Wolf.

"There are big changes coming to Teen Wolf as we sort of hand the baton over to our 2.0 team of Liam [played by Dylan Sprayberry], Hayden [played by Victoria Moroles], Mason [played by Khylin Rhambo] and Corey [played byMichael Johnston]. You'll have to see in Season Six."

"I've been splitting my time between writers' room and post production. Now that post [production] is almost done, I'll be able to breathe a bit more."

"This series is very important to me... I really want to be the one who leads the series to an end. I've heard Jeff talk a lot about leaving. Honestly, I would love that. I really love this show and this environment and this world and MTV, and I think it would be great. I think I would do a good job too -- I really care about this show."
"Teen wolf season finale on right now east coast, some say this is the greatest episode of television possibly ever......others......do not"

In all likelihood, the season will be broken up again into two parts, as has happened the last few seasons of Teen Wolf. MTV seems to already be gearing up for Season Six of Teen Wolf, as it recently released a teaser trailer for the upcoming season.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]