Tom Holland: The Newest Spider-Man Goes From British Stage Star To Iconic American Superhero

Tom Holland is the newest Spider-Man, but behind the iconic American superhero is actually a young actor who made his name on the British stage.

Holland got his big introduction to audiences on Thursday, with his character Spider-Man getting an important moment of screen time in the newest trailer for Captain America: Civil War. Holland will have a role in this summer’s blockbuster, more importantly he will be anchoring the Spider-Man franchise when it returns in 2017.

Tom Holland will be the youngest star so far in the Spider-Man series at just 19 years old, though he does have quite an impressive acting resume that includes the award-winning miniseries Wolf Hall.

But his true impact has come on stage. Holland made a name for himself early, standing out to talent scouts as a young dancer and at the age of 11 earning a spot as friend Michael in the stage play Billy Elliot the Musical. He later moved into the title role, and in 2010 was picked to play the lead in the fifth-anniversary of the play.