Bobo Norco Exclusive: Rapper Responds To Katt Williams Twitter Beef With Stitches, Rumors Of A Hazel-E Hook Up

Bobo Norco Exclusive: Rapper Responds To Katt Williams Twitter Beef With Stitches, Rumors Of A Hazel-E Hook Up

Bobo Norco’s name came up in a recent Twitter feud between Katt Williams and Stitches. The rapper got clowned after a recent shout-out to Katt, and in response, he claimed Bobo was sleeping with the comedian’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Hazel-E. The Inquisitr caught up with Bobo Norco who opened up about the extent of his relationship with Hazel-E. Bobo also talked about Stitches and the now-deleted Twitter feud with Katt Williams.

Bobo says that he is not sleeping with Katt’s girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend. Hazel-E said that she was leaving Georgia and that she and Williams were “definitely on a break.” We asked Bobo if there was something going on with the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star. “We met a couple times and she’s a dope girl but not the ‘Katt Williams type of dope,'” Norco replied. As for the photo of Bobo Norco and Hazel-E at Kevin Hart’s Oscar party, “No there isn’t more to the picture, that’s the entire image. LOL,” Bobo replied when asked if there really was something going on with Hazel-E.

“I’ve never met Stitches and I don’t plan on it,” Bobo said when asked if he was friends with the controversial rapper. “For him to bring my name in this beef is not affecting my health but it’s definitely some diva s**t on Stitches part. My question to Stitches is, ‘Would you ever consider joining WWE’?” Norco referenced the infamous feud between Stitches and The Game that eventually turned physical before finally resolving itself. As The Game was collecting his win in the social media rap feud, he suggested Stitches go join the WWE after his manager, Wack 100, punched Stitches and left a pretty big imprint in the rapper’s face.

It doesn’t look like Bobo Norco has a beef with Katt Williams at all. The Inquisitr asked Bobo what he thought was going on with Katt, with his multiple recent arrests and Twitter feuds with both Stitches and Kevin Hart. “I think Katt’s suffering from ‘Little Man Syndrome’, but that is one funny motherf***er,” Norco said.

Evidence of Katt Williams’ Monday night Twitter match with Stitches has since been deleted. A request sent to reps for Stitches have not been answered. This Is 50 was sure to document the Katt Williams social media knockdown before Stitches went silent and the shocking tweets disappeared.

Stitches initially tweeted a shoutout to Katt on Monday night. He wrote, “@KattPackAllDay The$e f**k boy$ don’t realize n**az like u$ alway$ win #salutetotherealn****z.” To that, Katt responded, “What exactly are you trying to imply little Miss Piggy? Comparing yourself to Katt Williams is like comparing vagina to penis.”

That definitely wasn’t the response Stitches was expecting when giving a shoutout to the troubled comedian. Rather than letting Katt’s slam go, Stitches responded by posting a picture of Katt’s now-ex-girlfriend sitting next to Bobo Norco at an Oscars party hosted by Kevin Hart. Stitches also responded to Williams’ tweet with his own that said, “Thats why @bobonorco stuck his penis in your b****es vagina”

Bobo Norco just wants to make it clear that he was not involved in the Twitter beef between Katt Williams and Stitches. “I don’t really run my Twitter account,” Bobo said.” I woke up and one of my boys called me and said, ‘Someone from WrestleMania was talking about you on Twitter’. Then I saw it, and realized it was just Stitches so I went back to bed.”

[Photo courtesy of Nati Celebrity Services, used with permission]