March 11, 2016
'Batman V. Superman': Ben Affleck And Henry Cavill Talk Superhero Complexities

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is only weeks away and actors Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill talk about their roles as well as the complexities involved with these two great superheroes. Director Zack Snyder also joined in discussing the situation and the attempt at bringing these two iconic beings together in conflict, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Affleck addressed how he first approached the Batman character in attempting to set himself apart from other great actors who took on the mantle. He didn't want to follow the method used by Christian Bale from the Dark Knight movies which were helmed by Christopher Nolan. In fact, Ben much preferred to do it differently, but keep it in the same wheelhouse as the Batman character.

For the Batman v. Superman movie, Ben Affleck spoke more of portraying an "existential" version.

"What I liked about Zack's vision for it is that it's sort of an existential Batman. He's a guy who's not actually in the throes of being Batman but looking back and asking himself, 'Was it worth it?'."
So with this comes Bruce Wayne reflecting back upon himself. There appears to be self-awareness, and Affleck had in the past cited the character as being more world-weary. He's been around and more gritty and worn -- a seasoned version. The film is said to be in part influenced by Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Even in the comic book version the conflict between the two took place.
"He's functioning, but not in a healthy way. He's a haunted and broken guy."
Christian Bale was discussed by Snyder to be considered for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), but for another part. The director jested about Bale being an aged Alfred Pennyworth. Anyway, Zack Snyder went on to say the Batman v. Superman movie runs in the opposite direction than Nolan's. In fact it was said that Superman would even have a hard time existing in a Nolan version of Batman and that was the reason for a complete change in Zack's movie, according to TIME.

In the Batman v. Superman movie, Ben Affleck's character was likened to that of someone in a horror flick. Ben cited that scene to be analogous to the movie Se7en.

"Exactly. It's like out of Se7en or Aliens or something, which is a really different vibe. My son still watches the Adam West Batman [TV series]. It's a far cry from where it started."
That being said, it's no surprise Ben Affleck played a rather dark Dark Knight. Can Superman, played by Henry Cavill, act in kind considering the DC line of movies are following a more serious and gritty tone? Snyder planned a less simplistic version than we're used to seeing and made him complex as well. The director mentioned how the ball got rolling in that arena in Man of Steel.
"But I think — I hope — Man of Steel started the conversation about what a more complicated Superman would be. He loves just as hard and has as much at stake in relationships as anyone, and you don't know where he's going to go when you put pressure on him and threaten his loved ones."
That was already demonstrated when Zod threatened Martha Kent, Clark's mother, and when Superman had to make the difficult decision to take a life, Zod's life, to save innocent lives. The result wasn't pretty as he wept at what he had to resort to, feeling deep remorse. It appears drastic measures are needed in this universe.

Henry Cavill made a comparison of the live-action versions and comic book versions of Superman. The latter was deemed more complicated as opposed to the live-action ones. In the latter, for instance, Miller's Dark Knight Returns shows the intricate method by which Batman battles Superman. It seems to be suggestive that Superman pulls his punches when fighting and Batman actually acts in kind when exploiting the Kryptonian's weakness.

It was even discussed, cryptically, at Cinema Blend how this fight will pan out considering Superman could easily squash Bruce Wayne. Fight choreographer Guillermo Grispo gave some insight.
"But when you see the movie, and how it all comes out, there's a very intelligent explanation as to why they could have a first-hand confrontation though it seems to be totally to Batman's disadvantage."
The Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie opens in theaters on March 25.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]