‘Game Of Thrones’: Explore The Top Fan Theories For What Is Coming In Season Six

It seems no show or book series has been speculated on more so than HBO’s Game of Thrones. The Thrones theories range from a hidden hostility between Tywin Lannister and the former King Aerys Targaryen, to Jon Snow being a secret member of House Targaryen’s almost-dead bloodline. Now, Game of Thrones fans are sharing their top theories about what they think will happen in Thrones’ sixth season, which is based off the upcoming novel The Winds of Winter.

Of course, the biggest ado with Thrones (which may be about nothing) is the fate of Jon Snow. After the end of season 5, Snow was left stabbed to death by members of the Night’s Watch, who felt he’d betrayed them for aiding the wildlings and letting them join the Night’s Watch.

Fans have assumed that Snow will return (in some capacity) for season 6 of Thrones, a pretty logical guess given that Snow’s actor, Kit Harington, was seen with the Game Of Thrones cast in Belgium recently. But just because Jon Snow may be returning to Thrones, doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily be the same Jon Snow we left behind in season 5 of Game of Thrones. Characters on Thrones have had some radical personality changes, sometimes changing identities or even being reanimated as the fearsome wights.

Among one of the more intriguing theories mulled over by Thrones fans is the real origins of a certain dwarf-man. As Business Insider mentioned, Thrones fans are guessing Tyrion Lannister may be a secret Targaryen, a belief referred to as the “Three Heads of the Dragon” theory. The theory argues that there may have been an affair between Tyrion’s mother, Joanna Lannister, and Aerys II Targaryen, the “Mad King.”

This Game of Thrones theory does seem to hold some water, primarily because there appeared to be tensions between Joanna’s husband, Tywin, and the Mad King before Aerys died. Could their tensions be the result of a romantic rivalry over Joanna? At one point in Game of Thrones, Tywin also tells Tyrion he is no son of Tywin’s. It’s possible that fans are meant to take this at face value, even though the context seems to suggest Tywin is disowning Tyrion rather than literally implying Tyrion is not his flesh and blood.

Tyrion Lannister stands trial in The Vale of Arryn during Season 1, Episode 5 of Game of Thrones, entitled "The Wolf And The Lion." Fans of Thrones have speculated Tyrion may secretly be a Targaryen and one of the "dragons" who will emerge as heroes at the end of the story.

There are also Game of Thrones theories floating around about the fate of Bran Stark. When fans last saw him in season 4, Bran was still on his journey towards the Wall with Mira and Jojen Reed to find the Three-Eyed Raven. According to Bustle, Game Of Thrones fans are guessing Bran could use his powers of warging and prophecy to help Jon Snow attain the Iron Throne if the “R+L=J” theory proves true.

The “R+L=J” theory suggests that Jon’s parents are Rhaegar Targaryen and Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna; if true, that would make Jon the rightful King of Westeros (can you say “Iron Throne Irony?”). We do know from the Throne novels that as she lay dying, Lyanna made her brother promise her something, but we are not told what that promise was. Some theorize Lyanna wanted Ned to conceal Jon’s true parentage since Robert’s Rebellion aimed to massacre all the Targaryens, and Jon Snow is supposedly one of them.

A drawing of Rhaegar Targaryen with his famous harp. Fan theories are suggesting Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark may be the parents of Jon Snow, which if true would make Snow one of the three heads of the dragon. [Image Via Wikipedia.org, CC-BY SA 3.0]

Some Thrones fans also think the groundwork has been laid for a resurgence of House Stark as the dominant power in the north. During the Red Wedding, most of House Starks’ members were slaughtered. Most of the Lords and Ladies who served the Starks as their bannerman were also killed.

However, there are signs suggesting that Thrones fans may not be entirely done seeing the Starks running things in the North. During one of Bran’s prophetic dreams, for instance, he “meets” the Three-Eyed Raven, who tells Bran that he must survive because “Winter Is Coming.” These words typically mean death and darkness in the world of Thrones, but also reference the motto of House Stark, which may be foreshadowing that the return of winter to the land will bring wolves with it as well.

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