Meri Brown Plans Documentary As Catfisher Plans To Release 100 New Steamy Voice Mails And Photos

Meri Brown has been through a lot over the past year and now it looks like the person who catfished her is not going to let it go. Radar Online shared that Jackie Overton, who still insists it wasn't her who catfished Brown and that she is really a man, has plans to release 100 steamy voice mails from Meri Brown along with some photos from when they were talking all the time. This all came out in Life & Style recently. Jackie claimed to be a man named Sam Cooper and still isn't backing down from that story.

Now Jackie is saying that she has plans to put out these voice mails and that they are so sexually graphic that everyone is going to need to be warned about adult content. These will be posted on her blog, which still says it is a blog for Sam Cooper. In these voice mails, Meri Brown will be heard speaking to whom she thought was a man she was having a relationship with online.

A lot of voice mails have already been revealed where you can hear Meri saying that she loves Sam and is checking on him. You can check out some of them in this video.

There is already one book about Meri Brown out called Almost Meri'ed, and Jackie is saying that a sequel is coming out and that this talks about how Meri Brown wanted to continue their relationship. This will talk about how Meri didn't leave her alone when the affair came to an end.

A source is speaking out and says that this was all hard on Meri Brown. The source revealed, "The whole situation is embarrassing to Meri. She's determined to fight. But she knows it won't be easy."

Shannon C. Keith is actually filming a documentary about Meri's situation. Keith spoke out and said, "We're going to be using the unfortunate scandal involving Meri as the catalyst to have a discussion about catfishing, identity theft and fraud. I hope to expose slimy catfish." There is no word at this time on where you will be able to see Meri Brown's documentary when it comes out.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives tried to keep this all quiet, but news started to leak about what was going on. Meri finally gave a statement about the situation and even shared about it on an episode of the show last season. At this time, Meri Brown is still with her husband Kody and hasn't moved out. There is a lot of talk that the relationship might not last, though.
Fashion & Style actually shared that the Brown family's show could end up getting canceled if the scandal doesn't come to an end soon. There has been a lot of talk about season 7, but TLC hasn't actually confirmed that it is happening. Robyn Brown just had another baby and viewers do want to see it. Janelle Brown has been very focused on her growing real estate business and staying busy with that, but fans would enjoy seeing her work. Hopefully, Sister Wives will come back again and TLC is just staying quiet about it at this time.

Are you shocked to hear that Meri Brown's catfisher has plans to release more voicemails and photos? Do you think that Meri was smart to do a documentary? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of Sister Wives when it returns to TLC. Hopefully, this show will be back again soon.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]