WWE News: Wrestling Legend Sting To Have Some Role In WrestleMania 32, Will He Wrestle?

Wrestling legend Sting finally made his first WrestleMania appearance last year against Triple H at WrestleMania 31. He had some other matches since this, but many hoped to see him work another match at WrestleMania and get a win. It was hoped by many fans that they would see a Sting vs Undertaker match, but those hopes seem to be put down to die when Sting sustained an injury against Seth Rollins late last year.

The injury seemed to be to his neck and it looked to be career threatening. Sting said he did not know if he could wrestle again, but if his last match was against Seth Rollins, he would be very happy with it. The two did throw down at WWE Night of Champions, but the ending turned out badly due to Sting getting hurt. This left us without Sting for WrestleMania…or did it?

According to Daily Wrestling News, Sting could have some sort of role in WrestleMania and some speculate he could wrestle. In fact, there was said to have been talk as recently as a few weeks ago that Sting would wrestle at the event for the second time. Before Shane McMahon’s return, there was some talk of having Sting face The Undertaker. Of course, the Shane return was so big and with the unknown health of Sting, putting him against Taker wasn’t going to be safe for both men.

Sting SS

There have been talks of him doing something with The Wyatt Family, which could still be possible. The Bray Wyatt/Sting idea was something people liked already, so having the Wyatts work in a team vs team match with Sting, it would allow the Stinger to avoid working an entire match but still give him a big match. This idea could very well still happen, but it truly all depends on Sting’s health.

On top of the Wyatts and Taker talk, there was even talk of him working with John Cena which would have been interesting. Now that we know Cena is not returning, as he said he wasn’t himself, that eliminates two ideas thrown around for Sting as of a few weeks back.

Truly, Sting’s health has the biggest play here, as he could maybe work a tag team match but another singles match is most likely not in the cards at this moment just because there is no guarantee he is healthy enough to do it. He very well could have had his last match with Rollins, as coming back from a neck injury at Sting’s age just does not happen a lot of the time.

HHH Sting

Most believe Sting will appear and be part of WrestleMania regardless, it is just where he will appear in the event that has everyone puzzled. We know he will be part of the WWE Hall of Fame class this year and lives in the area, so it isn’t as if he won’t be in town. Many fans think that he could be the key to Shane McMahon’s victory at WrestleMania, as he could take part in the Hell in a Cell match between Shane and Undertaker in order to help him out. It is unlikely he will “take Shane’s spot” as Shane is going to work the match and not have someone work it for him.

However, Sting could randomly appear similar to how Undertaker does and help to take him out.

It would not be out of character for Sting, as he has been Anti-Authority since 2014 when he came out at Survivor Series that year to remove The Authority from power. For him to do the same thing again, this time to help Shane McMahon, it would make total sense. Plus, think about the epic stare down between Sting and The Undertaker on a WrestleMania stage. The arena would explode and it would surely be the best thing the company could do for this match as Shane winning without help just doesn’t make sense at all. We will have to wait and see what WWE decides to do with The Icon, as he certainly should be part of WrestleMania 32 if he can be.

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