Man’s ‘Dead Wife’ On TV Show Searching For Her Lost Husband, Two Years After ‘Burial’

A Moroccan man’s wife had been dead and buried for two years following a car accident, but suddenly appeared on the Moroccan television show Al Mujtafun (Disappeared), apparently looking for him.

Abragh Mohamed lost his wife in a car accident two years ago, but while watching a TV program designed to help find lost friends and relatives, friends heard the voice of his dead wife, who was still very much alive and searching for him.

As reported by the Spanish language news service El Nuevo Dia, this isn’t a zombie story or something of the like, but seems to more likely be a blatant case of either medical or administrative incompetence, as while the hospital had told Mohamed she had passed away and had even given him the body of his dead wife, it seems it was another unknown woman who got placed in the ground instead.

The show, Mujtafun, has reportedly only recently started on Moroccan TV and is apparently designed to help people search for their lost loved ones or other missing people in their lives.

In the latest episode, a woman called into the show, saying she was desperately trying to find her lost husband, who she hadn’t seen for almost two years. The unnamed woman said she had lost contact with her husband and gave his name and former address live on air.

While her husband wasn’t watching the TV show at the time, some of his friends reportedly saw the episode and immediately phoned him. The husband was naturally shocked and astonished to find out his dead wife was actually alive and well and searching for him.

It seems everyone in the small mountain town of Azilal believed that Abragh Mohamed’s wife had been dead and buried for two years after she was in a serious car accident which took her life, but only lightly injured her husband. It is now pretty clear the woman that died was not his dead wife, but another woman entirely.

As reported by the Mirror Online, at the time of the vehicle accident, Mohamed and his wife were taken to the emergency room at the Ibn Rochd hospital in Casablanca. As his wife was severely injured, the hospital reportedly demanded payment up front for her operation. This meant Mohamed had to travel for four hours to his home town of Azilal and back to get the necessary funds and when he returned to Casablanca, he was given the sad news that his wife had passed away.

Mohamed then had to receive what he believed to be his dead wife’s corpse, wrapped in a shroud and already placed in a coffin. He took the coffin back to his home town, where he laid what he thought was his dear late wife to rest. He now knows that it wasn’t his dead wife that was buried back in Azilal, but another woman entirely, and his wife was still alive and well.

According to the Mirror Online, Mohamed told the media: “I did not know it was a different body that we buried and my wife was still alive.”

So far, it is unclear what actually happened and how the hospital bungled the situation and split the couple apart, especially as it has now been two years since it all happened. It is unclear if his wife had lost her memory or maybe gotten lost somewhere along the way, but friends and family of Abragh Mohamed hope to be able to reveal the truth, maybe in the next episode of the Mujtafun TV show.

[Photo via Flickr by Annelogue cropped and resized/CC BY-NC 2.0]