TNA News: TNA Star Ken Anderson Leaves Company, Joins Independent Wrestling Crowd In Saying ‘F*** TNA’

In what can only be described as a major loss for TNA Wrestling, it appears as if former TNA World Champion Ken Anderson is done with the company. Many assumed that he and TNA were not really going to be partners for long due to him not doing much after the move to Pop TV. TNA is in a tough spot, and it is not surprising that they are losing talent because to it. They had a record low rating this past week, even on Kurt Angle’s farewell match.

The interest for TNA is dwindling in the United States at least, and that is not good for business. Ken Anderson’s departure from TNA was not really known until he was in Glasgow, Scotland, for an Insane Championship Wrestling show recently. He was there to work an independent match at one of the UK’s top promotions. When he mentioned TNA, the crowd went on to chant “F*** TNA” in a chant. This was not surprising, as they wanted Anderson to focus on them and not a company he apparently worked for.

What was surprising was that Anderson told the live crowd he no longer worked for the company and said, “F*** TNA.”Anderson apparently did not just up and leave TNA, as he was fired according to PWInsider. He last appeared for TNA during TV tapings in Bethlehem, PA. He apparently was released due to his behavior that week. It is unknown what went down, but clearly it was enough to get cut.

Anderson presser

Anderson has never been shy when it comes to anything involving him. He made sure that when he was fired from WWE years ago, he would eliminate all rumors WWE put out about him and why they fired him.

Vince McMahon was annoyed at the time due to the “Denver Debacle.” When Randy Orton complained about Anderson doing a suplex a little sloppy, Vince was said to have ordered the firing. Orton was considered a cry baby then and was an issue for many WWE Superstars.

The story through the rumor mill was that Anderson had hurt his forearms, and Anderson was sure to go online and prove he was fine. Vince just went into crazy man mode at the time and fired Anderson for really no reason. This was after Anderson had missed nearly a year of action with an injury. He returned for the one match that ended up getting him fired. He has not been seen in WWE since.

There is always a chance Anderson returns to WWE, but that is up in the air. With the rise of NJPW, there are other options for people like Ken Anderson, whereas before the only option outside of WWE was TNA. He certainly did not burn bridges with WWE, but they sort of burned them with him. This means a WWE return cannot be eliminated, but it does not seem like an option at the moment for Anderson.

Anderson A8's

With a lot of other companies on the rise, a wrestler can work the independent scene and make a good living. It would not be surprising if Ken Anderson did this for a while taking on a big company contract.

Would Anderson return to TNA though? Not likely at this point. TNA clearly could hire him back in the future, but it does not look like Anderson is willing to go back after his recent comments regarding them. His behavior issues could stem from TNA not being willing to pay people as well. Some have caused problems simply due to pay, but clearly we do not know why he was an issue as of now. Some believe Anderson would have left after his contract ended anyway.

Really, TNA is going to have a hard time keeping any of the stars they have been using the past few years due to the fact that they are not willing to or able to pay enough to keep them on the roster. Ken Anderson was just the latest in this crazy back-and-forth battle between management and talent.

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