NFL Rumors: Broncos, Jets, And Browns All Want To Trade For 49ers Colin Kaepernick

Once looked at as the long-time franchise quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick fell out of favor and out of the starting position. Now, he’s being chased by three teams who are all looking to trade for him in hopes of filling their current vacant or non-productive quarterback spots. The Denver Broncos, New York Jets, and Cleveland Browns have all expressed interest and look to be working on trading for Kaepernick.

After some moves happened on day one of 2016 NFL free agency, the interest in Kaepernick picked up.

According to Pro Football Talk, the three teams interested in Colin Kaepernick have shown that they would like to make a trade, but nothing is imminent as of yet.

On Wednesday, Brock Osweiler suddenly bolted from the Denver Broncos and signed with the Houston Texans. With Peyton Manning’s retirement happening earlier this week, the Super Bowl champs are without a quarterback.

Yes, rumors of Tim Tebow returning have come up, but the possibility of a trade for Colin Kaepernick seems more logical.

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The New York Jets have recently been spurned by Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was going to re-sign with the team but then decided to test the free agent waters. He is being seen as the best quarterback available on the free agent market at this time.

As for the Cleveland Browns, they have Josh McCown, who has been injury-prone and inconsistent for years. They also have Johnny Manziel, who they’ve shockingly not released yet, but it’s expected that the Browns are holding onto him a while longer to use as possible trade bait.

While those three teams are looking to trade for Kaepernick, it appears as if all of their offers have not been sufficient as of yet.

With three teams chasing after Kaepernick, that means the 49ers can raise their price and compensation for him. All three teams are desperate for a quarterback right now and need to act fast before any quality talent is gone.

nfl rumors san francisco 49ers colin kaepernick denver broncos cleveland browns new york jets

The Browns have the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, but they may not be willing to trade that away. A college quarterback could be drafted and have McCown step in to teach him how to be the franchise quarterback that Cleveland needs.

According to Niners Nation, there may be even more teams in the mix for Colin Kaepernick right now, and if so, that could be beneficial to San Francisco. The more teams looking at trading for Cap, the more they can ask for, but getting too greedy could come back to bite them.

Even before all the trade rumors began, it was almost a done deal that Kaepernick would not be with the 49ers in 2016. Blaine Gabbert replaced him as the starter last season, and he has now become expendable whether by trade or release.

Obviously, San Francisco would rather trade him to get something in return. The Jets had already started landing in rumors for Kaepernick, but the Los Angeles Rams were another possible landing spot for him as well.

The Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, and New York Jets are all desperate for a veteran, talented quarterback. Their hunger has only grown in the last 24 hours, and now the San Francisco 49ers may have the answer to their prayers in Colin Kaepernick, but it will cost them all in the trade.

[Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images]