‘The Walking Dead’ Spoiler Theory: Will Rick Kill Glenn Instead Of Negan?

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale is quickly approaching, and fans everywhere are worried that one of their favorite characters will die, and they should be, because it is very likely to happen.

In fact, The Walking Dead will likely deliver its most shocking episode and death moment of the series yet, and viewers are actually nervous and worried about how it all might go down. [Warning: Spoilers below!]

Fans of The Walking Dead comic book series know that when the highly anticipated villain, Negan, first appears, he brutally kills Glenn Rhee by bashing his head in with a bat wrapped in barbed wire, the weapon he affectionately calls Lucille. However, Uproxx reports that might not be the case on the show.

Walking Dead spoilers: Will Glenn be killed by Negan's bat?
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According to some latest Walking Dead spoiler fan theories, it might not be Negan who kills Glenn, it could actually be Rick. Execs have revealed that the Season 6 finale will take a “hard left turn” from the comic books, and that could mean any number of things, such as Negan not killing anyone, but Rick does.

The theory goes a little something like this. Negan is introduced to The Walking Dead viewers, and has decided that either Glenn or Maggie will have to die. Negan will tell Rick to chose between them. Either Rick will shoot and kill Glenn, or Negan will bash Maggie’s head in with the bat. Of course, if this situation happened, Glenn would beg Rick to kill him and let his pregnant wife, Maggie, live, that’s a no brainer.

However, a second Walking Dead theory has also been conceived, and that is Rick will have to chose between Glenn and Michonne, who is a very close friend and new love interest. This would probably mean that Rick would choose Michonne, and Glenn would be killed. A third theory reveals that Rick may be forced to kill Glenn in order to save his son, Carl. In all of these theories it doesn’t look good for Glenn, who has become one of the most beloved characters on the show.

Some fans are hoping that the “hard left turn” comment could mean that Glenn doesn’t die at all in the Walking Dead Season 6 finale, but if that is the case, who would take his place? Some fans are hoping for a lesser loved character, such as Abraham, to die at the hands of Negan’s vicious bat. However, one theory has nearly every fan worried, and that is that Daryl Dixon could be the one to die.

As Walking Dead viewers know, Daryl Dixon is arguably the favorite character of the series. Daryl, who is not in the comic books, is a wild card. We never know what could happen to him or when he may bite the dust. Fans have said for years that if Daryl dies they will lose it. Some have even vowed to stop watching the show if Dixon is killed off.

Unfortunately for Glenn Rhee, all signs are currently pointing to him being the one to get Negan’s bat. Besides the fact that it was Glenn’s fate in the comic series, the show has been foreshadowing the brutal beating for years. Glenn was nearly bashed with a bat at Terminus, he found and picked up a bat in Noah’s hometown, and most recently he was the one to find the photos The Saviors kept of Negan’s brutal killings.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Will Daryl Dixon be killed by Negan?
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While all signs are pointing to Glenn, some fans are hoping that The Walking Dead is just using those little clues to make viewers believe it is Glenn that will die when actually someone else will get the bat. Only time will tell, but the big moment is coming very soon as there are only four episodes left in the season.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers and theories?

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