Troye Sivan Helps Fan Come Out Live On Stage

Troye Sivan has had a tremendous influence on LGBT people ever since he publicly came out as gay in a YouTube video back in 2013. And now it appears that the singer also helps his fans to publicly come out during his concerts, according to MTV News.

The 20-year-old singer openly expresses his sexuality in his song lyrics by singing about males as well as depicting gay intimacy in his music videos. Being open and honest has become a crucial part of Troye Sivan’s career, and it inspired thousands of his fans around the world to come out as well.

And Troye Sivan encourages all of his fans to embrace who they are and follow his example. On Monday, the singer even helped a female fan to come out to her mom during his Washington D.C. performance as part of his “Blue Neighbourhood” tour.

Between his songs on stage, Troye Sivan received a note from a fan named Kelly and was about to read it out loud, but then he asked the fan to confirm if she really wants him to do it. When Kelly said yes, the 20-year-old singer read the note that was addressed to Kelly’s mom, who attended the concert with her daughter that night.

“If you’re reading this, can you announce that Kelly is bisexual, please?”

With the crowd applauding and making noise, Troye Sivan went over to Kelly to shake her hand and then blow her a kiss.

Watch it play out here.

After the show, Kelly tweeted about her memorable experience during Troye Sivan’s performance, thanking the singer for helping her come out to her mother.

It seems that Alessia Cara likes Troye Sivan’s singing skills better than her own. Last week, Sivan made a guest appearance on The Elvis Duran Morning Show, where he performed his version of Alessia’s hit song “Here,” according to MTV News.

Troye Sivan’s version of “Here” is much slower than Cara’s version and has melancholic vibes all over it. At the end of the song, Sivan starts dancing around as he repeats the line, “I can’t wait to break up out of here.”

And Alessia was left satisfied with Troye Sivan’s cover. In fact, she noted in the comment section below the video of the recorded performance that Sivan’s version sounds “cooler” than the original. And then she took to Twitter to once again compliment the “Youth” singer, calling him a “gem.”

It’s not the first time Troye Sivan has covered Alessia’s hit song, but it appears that this time it really caught her attention. In February, Sivan performed his version of “Here” during a live performance at the iHeartRadio Honda Stage.

Troye Sivan’s hit song “Youth” recently made it into the top 30 songs in Billboard’s Pop Songs chart, according to Billboard. Last year, the singer presented his album Blue Neighbourhood, which peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 chart.

In an interview last month, Troye Sivan revealed that he’d like to collaborate with Taylor Swift and expressed his dream of becoming besties with Lorde, who’s friends with Swift.

“I really really really want to write with Taylor Swift. I’m sure that everyone would say that, but for me… as a student of pop music, I feel like I have so much that I could learn from her. Her and Max Martin.”

Troye Sivan also noted that he would just want to sit in one room with Swift and Martin and watch them do what they do, “and hopefully help a little.”

At least Troye has started to catch Swift’s eye, which is a good start!

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images]