March 10, 2016
WWE News: Vince McMahon Does Not See NXT Talent As 'Stars' For The WWE

Vince McMahon has seemingly been out of touch for some time now. The material we see on television is not all on him, however, as he has an entire creative team to help him come up with ideas for the normal programming. However, he is being outshined by a product within his own company. Triple H has taken over all of talent relations with WWE. He is responsible for the hiring and firing of everyone we see.

It is not the best job to have, but it is one of the most crucial. Jim Ross did it for years and was able to give us some absolute legends in WWE and then he helped to get them over while on the announce table. Triple H does this by wrestling with them. There's a reason why he let The Shield demolish Evolution and has allowed Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan to beat him in the past and make him look like a joke.

The idea of the Triple H burial has been buried, and there's nothing more to say about that. Now, the guy is signing great talent and really proving with his work out of NXT that he can book a show well from top to bottom. Due to this, many of the stars from NXT are becoming household names. People know the stars across the world and with the rise of the WWE Network, most would assume that NXT would only grow in popularity.

Finn Balor
[Image via WWE]Don't let Vince McMahon know about how good NXT is, or the fact that the stars of the show are becoming a massive success. The following is according to the Wrestling Observer.
"Vince isn't going to step aside, but there is a lot of concern about the rigid decision making and limited viewpoint on who can be real top stars. While publicly HHH will say Vince loves NXT, the internal perception is very different, seeing it as a touring brand filled with so many guys Vince doesn't believe are money."
This is quite a big problem for WWE and especially Triple H, as The Game has pretty much given the fans who they want to see in WWE. People like Seth Rollins among others have become major stars and he was the first real NXT success. After him, no star from NXT has been given a chance at the WWE World Title on a regular basis. Even The Wyatt Family have been pushed down a good bit.

We do know that Vince does like people such as NXT Champion Finn Balor, but while Balor is the star of NXT, he would most likely not get the same opportunities on the main roster. Triple H has been trying to protect Balor as he feels Vince will get a hold on Balor and take all of the momentum away that Triple H built up. Balor even told Sam Roberts back in December that, "going to the main roster might be a step back for my career right now." WWE NXT Women's Champion Bayley echoed the same thought with the Independent, telling them that "I want to be part of it, but I'm in no rush right now."

[Image via WWE]Clearly the goal for most is to make it to the main roster as it means more money if nothing else. It is also means more popularity globally and it allows them an opportunity to become a legend. However, there is a lot of risk clearly.

When the champions of the NXT brand feel that they are safer down there than on the main roster, that says a lot. Vince not seeing most of them as stars is an issue, because NXT is the future of his business and without the brand, he may not have the stars of tomorrow. The real issue with NXT as far as top talent goes is the age. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were in top WrestleMania matches before their 30th birthday, and people like Finn Balor are not even on the main roster, and he is in his mid-30's.

Many see the case of Tyler Breeze and realize there is a problem, because the company built him up on the WWE Network show Breaking Ground only to pretty much job him out. Of course, there were rumors of heat he sustained. This surprised many, as most see him as a polite and respectful guy. Breeze was just a case of Vince not knowing how to use the talent Triple H gives him pretty much. Until he hands over booking to someone else, this is going to happen with even no-brainer stars.

[Image via WWE]