Karen Gravano Teases ‘Mob Wives’ Spin-Off — Will The Show Go On Without Drita D’Avanzo?

It has been tough for the fans to watch Mob Wives after they knew Angela “Big Ang” Raiola died, but could a whole season without her work? According to Wetpaint, Karen Gravano, Carla Facciolo, and Renee Graziano confirmed a Mob Wives spin-off is in the works. Apparently, Big Ang told her reality TV cast members to keep the momentum going and to find their series a new home for their fans. The catch was Big Ang hoped her friends would include everyone, including her best friend, Drita D’Avanzo.

Karen Gravano explained in an exclusive video clip that Big Ang wanted the girls to get together and stay in touch. Carla stated that it would be best if they included the original cast, including Drita, because that is what the fans want–not to mention that it was what Raiola wanted, too. Renee piped in and said that she won’t lie and say that she intends to film with Drita again. However, if she is part of the deal, then she will go along with it, too.

Reality Ashhole noted a few months ago that VH1 could no longer afford to continue producing Mob Wives. Apparently, the salaries of the cast were too steep for the network, so they told executive producer and show creator, Jennifer Graziano, she would need to find a new home for her show. Jennifer said she has yet to find a new network, but she was working on it and had a few possibilities. Does that mean we’ll see Season 7 of Mob Wives or a spin-off first?

“VH1 decided not to keep Mob Wives because it was too expensive. You have people working on shows like Love and Hip Hop for pennies, and they aren’t going to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for each girl cause it’s not worth it for them. Mob Wives might not be what VH1 wants, but A LOT of other networks are very interested in it and the show will most likely continue on one of those other networks. Nothing is set in stone yet.”

For a while, it has been rumored that Drita may have a spin-off in the works that focused on her life and business. Drita has never confirmed (or denied) the rumor. Mob Wives fans want some spin-off so they can continue to follow their favorite reality TV stars. However, Drita said on social media last week that she wants to be done with the drama with Karen Gravano. Would Drita accept another show (or season) if she had to interact with Karen again?

Big Ang said it best in the last scene of the Mob Wives finale last night. Apparently, the newest fight between Karen and Drita drew a line in the sand, and now they reach the point of no return. There is no coming back, and they lost any possibility of salvaging their relationship.

“In this lifestyle, all the drama can get crazy at times. And the majority of the time people can move past things, and they can forgive and forget. But other times, and in this case, what’s done is done.”

Mob Wives fans would embrace another season because the ending of the show felt rushed. It seemed like so much happened between Karen and Drita’s epic showdown and Big Ang’s death. One more season or a spin-off could tidy up a more official ending, giving fans a proper Mob Wives send off. Right now, there has been no official word if there will be another round of Mob Wives–until we hear from Jennifer Graziano, everything else is just rumors and speculation.

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