‘The Division’ Fast Leveling Tips And Max Level 30 Cap Preps For End-Game Efficiency

About two days ago, Tom Clancy’s The Division was released, and some players have already maxed out their character in the game. Some haven’t even scratched the surface, either, and their reaction to this was at the level of concern. Upon finding out some game players have already reached the level cap of 30, they thought that would spoil it for them.

Fast Leveling To 30 Is Okay

Though some players of The Division may not have taken their sweet time to relish in the environment and side missions in Manhattan, the quick leveling process does achieve the groundwork for end-game preparation encountered in MMORPGs, according to VG 24/7.

Also, YouTuber Arekkz Gaming revealed that depending on someone’s playing style, reaching level 30 at a fast pace doesn’t really spoil it for anyone and allows players to access the exciting end game content.

“I believe the game doesn’t really begin until you get to the end-game because once you get to the end-game, you have things like daily missions, challenge missions, all the end-game gear, all the Dark Zone stuff. That is the stuff, that for me is really enjoyable.”

The Division play style is really a matter of personal preference as there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

(Warning. Not safe for work. Some video game violence and profanity).

Combining Skills For Efficient Results

In the case of the Arekkz Gaming experience, the leveling of his character focused on the PvE environment, and he built up his skills tree in order to achieve great efficiency at softening up and containing enemies to prevent them from flanking his position.

Examples of The Division tech that he used was a sticky bomb with a blind mod which allowed him to catch enemies off-guard and stay a step ahead of the campaign encounters.

Turrets are very useful in PvE environments as they tend to contain the enemy and keep them at bay, preventing them from bum rushing or flanking you.

After that, it was explained that once you achieve your PVE goals playing The Division, then the player may focus on another path of survivability when it comes to stamina in the Tom Clancy game. This path would be helpful in the Dark Zone. Also, the smart cover skill with the ability to regenerate health indeed came in handy. These skills used in combination really allowed for improved efficiency against the opposing forces, and the results cited by VG 24/7 revealed a level 30 example of a “fully decked out” agent.

“As you’d expect, a level 30 agent will be fully decked out in the high-stat gear and high-damage weapons. All talent slots will also be open for you.”

So, it looks like if you follow Arekkz/Alex’s methods, one could indeed go far in The Division.

Difficulty Selection, Matched Equipment, And Focus On Experience Farming

Here’s a highlight of Bit Bag’s quick and efficient methods to level an agent.

In The Division, make sure to keep an eye on how you have your character equipped. The gear found out in the field needs to be organized on your agent to provide a proper distribution of stats. For example, a piece of gear that is low on health may reduce your character’s ability to survive, while another piece of gear might help you achieve peak damage power.

Another efficient use of a player’s time is to complete missions on both normal and difficult levels which can provide your character with optimal experience points for your build. Also, focus more on farming for stats as opposed to exploring the open world and utilize your own friends for the purpose of matchmaking.

Tom Clancy’s The Division game is available currently for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]