‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Ready To Marry His Final Rose Recipient Or Fighting With Her Non-Stop? Rumors Swirl As Finale Draws Near

It is almost time for Ben Higgins’ final rose ceremony on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season, and viewers cannot wait to see this big finale. Higgins has said that he is happy and engaged, but is the lucky woman Lauren Bushnell or JoJo Fletcher? While Ben is gushing about being engaged, tabloid reports are claiming that the duo is fighting non-stop and on the brink of a split. What’s the latest on this Season 20 relationship?

As fans saw during the Bachelor “Women Tell All” special, Higgins said that he is more in love than he has ever been before, and he would marry his fiancee tomorrow if he could. Although Higgins has created some drama by telling both Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher he loves them, he has since detailed that he told his final choice about his feelings during their quiet time together after they got engaged, and they have navigated the tough times together by keeping the lines of communication open.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Ben and his lady are indeed together and engaged, and Higgins has certainly seemed sincerely happy in the press he has done in the last couple of weeks. While Steve’s Bachelor spoilers do not go so far as to say he thinks this engaged couple will walk down the aisle and live happily-ever-after, he also has not been hinting at anything specific pointing toward tensions or a split. That said, as strong as the pair may be now, they have had their challenges since filming ended, and Higgins has admitted that his fiancee has been through hell and back as they’ve navigated the aftermath of the feelings he shared with his runner-up.

Could the Bachelor star and his gal get married on the “After the Final Rose” special, since Higgins is talking about being ready to get married tomorrow? It seems that viewers should not get wound up over that possibility. Although show creator Mike Fleiss has made it clear that he would love to see that happen someday, Reality Steve’s spoilers share that the engaged couple will not be tying the knot that soon. However, Ben, Lauren, and JoJo will all be at that “ATFR” special to talk about how they are doing now and viewers will be anxious to check out the body language between Higgins and his fiancee.

Are the two truly happy and content and planning for the future? Naturally, tabloids are sharing scoop from supposed insiders claiming that in reality, things are playing out very differently. Life & Style via Hollywood Life reports that the Bachelor couple has been fighting constantly and that the fact that Higgins told the runner-up he loved her has been something the final rose recipient has not been able to get over.

Sources for the magazine indicate that the winner hadn’t realized how strong Higgins’ feelings were for the runner-up until she watched the season. The insiders add that despite his reassuring her a million times that she’s the one for him, she can’t let go and feels as if her trust has been broken. The insider also says that as a result, the Bachelor star is feeling “emotionally dumped.” Obviously, this version of the couple’s status is quite different from anything he is saying in interviews right now, as all the talk has been about being happily engaged.

Which version of how this engaged Bachelor couple is doing is accurate? Many fans would say that Higgins certainly appears to be extremely happy and almost giddy about his relationship, which would likely dispel those rumors of incessant fighting. There have been other leads whose relationships were on shaky ground at the time of the “After the Final Rose” special, such as Ben Flajnik and Brad Womack, and longtime fans would say that it came as little to no surprise when those “AFTR” specials were tense, given their demeanor in lead-up interviews.

One way or another, viewers will get to see for themselves how this couple is doing in a matter of days. Ben Higgins and his final rose recipient will be sharing updates with fans after the finale of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season airing on Monday, March 14. Do you think the couple is happy and planning for the future or are they fighting and on the verge of a split?

[Image via Ben Higgins’ Instagram]