Adele Makes Autistic 12-Year-Old Fan’s Dream Come True With New Duet [Video]

Adele is making the dreams of a 12-year-old girl come true.

During a concert in Manchester, England, on March 8, Adele invited a young fan up on stage to perform a stunning rendition of her 2011 multi-platinum hit “Someone Like You.”

According to the Sun, Adele’s newest duet partner was actually Emily Tamman, a young fan with ADHD and a joint ailment who was plucked from the crowd when Adele spotted her banner that read, “It’s my dream to sing with Adele.”

Adele and Emily then took on one of Adele’s most notable hits for the 20,000-strong crowd during her Manchester concert, which Adele herself described afterwards as being “amazing.”

Speaking to the Sun after the show, the young Adele fan admitted that she “felt on top of the world” after getting to perform with her idol at the concert and sweetly confessed that she’s hoping to be just like the superstar.

“I’ve been having singing lessons. I’d love to be like Adele,” Emily said.

Emily’s dad, Ray Tamman, also spoke out about the moment his daughter got to take to the stage with Adele in an interview with the Manchester Evening News, where he had nothing but praise for Adele following her sweet concert gesture.

“Luckily we were very close to the small stage in the middle,” Tamman revealed, confirming that his daughter held up the sign towards the end of the concert.

“She held [it] up right at the end at the second to last song of the night [Adele] was reading out one or two of the signs,” Tamman said, adding that “Adele saw it and said ‘Ok come on the stage’.”

“Adele was very nice to do that, she clearly didn’t have to do it,” Tammam continued. “Emily said she wants to show people that have disabilities or mental issues they can still do mainstream things like singing they should not be stopped from doing them.”

“Adele is her favourite singer and “Someone Like You” is her favourite song,” he added.

But singing with one of her biggest fans isn’t the only incredible thing Adele is doing for her fans lately. Adele also hit the headlines when she visited the home of a terminally ill fan last week while opening her latest tour in Belfast, Ireland.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, it was Tracy Gibney’s wish for Adele to record a video message for her disabled daughter, Rebecca, but to her surprise, Adele instead visited their home to meet the fan in person.

“Adele played with her hair and held her hand and asked her all about Frozen. She was really lovely,” Gibney told the site of Adele’s visit before her big concert. “My daughter got to meet the person that she loved, and that’s what I’ll always take with me for the rest of my life.”

According to the site, Adele also offered Gibney, who is also a big Adele fan, tickets to her sold-out show at Belfast’s SSE Arena after she visited 12-year-old Rebecca, who is blind and was given just six months to live in December.

Adele’s recent slew of good deeds for some of her youngest fans certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“I don’t need a ticket for your show but what an amazing woman you are, so generous, great to see someone thinking of their fans,” Twitter user @carolinaframe wrote, while @hellooadele tweeted out “@Adele is so freaking amazing and generous and kind and amazing and she has the biggest heart. The list goes on. We love you special girl.”

“Who gives her fans the stage? Literally! So very cool, kind & generous!” @table81 continued on the social media site this week, adding, “Thanks @Adele for being so awesome!”

[Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]