Leonardo DiCaprio Stars In Girl Scout Cookie Campaign

Leonardo DiCaprio has become the unofficial face of Girl Scout Cookies after one intelligent troop spotted the perfect marketing opportunity when the recent Academy Award winner was seen snacking at the Oscar’s, TIME Magazine has reported.

Prior to Leonardo DiCaprio scooping the Best Actor award for his performance in The Revenant, DiCaprio was seen eagerly opening a pack of Girl Scout Cookies in an image that quickly went viral. Brilliantly, one troop saw more than just an amusing image involving Leonardo, and instead an opportunity to profit from this inadvertent publicity that the Girl Scouts received during the 88th Academy Awards.

With a clear understanding of Dicaprio’s star appeal and the reach of viral content, the troop created an advertising poster which shows Leonardo enjoying his Girl Scout cookies with a witty tagline which reads as follows.

“This is Leo. Leo Wants an Oscar. Leo Buys Girl Scout cookies at the awards. Leo wins the Oscar. Be like Leo. Buy Girl Scout Cookies.”

This is a clever take on the “Be like Bill” meme, which swept across social media earlier this year. According to BBC News, the meme was used for individuals to passive-aggressively air their grievances about how people behave on social media. The meme caused an enormous reaction and it was hard to ignore for anybody with a Facebook account.

The young troop took full advantage of this and the image of Leonardo DiCaprio to create an excellent advertising poster, which has gone viral since it was shared via their Facebook page on Monday 7.

Unsurprisingly, the strategy to use a face as famous as Leonardo DiCaprio’s worked, and the sales allowed the troop to complete many different activities and badges. In an interview with ABC News, the genius behind the idea, 9-year-old Molly, revealed the how the idea was conceived after Leonardo bought a box from the host of the show, Chris Rock.

“We thought the photo was funny and would help make people buy cookies. We saw the Academy Awards and thought it would be a good idea if we could do something like that.”

She went on to explain the success of the Leonardo DiCaprio poster.

“It made people stop at the table to read the sign, and then we were able to ask them to buy cookies. It’s hard to say no to a girl scout.

“We completed a lot of badges with our cookie money, and we do many community service projects such as perform for the local convalescent home, food dives, planting projects, and holiday tree decorating at the local park.”

Whilst Leonardo DiCaprio will be delighted with picking up his first Academy Award, there is no doubt that DiCaprio will also be pleased with the news that a photo of him enjoying Girl Scout Cookies has helped a good cause and enabled the troop to complete several badges that saw them give back to the community.

Leonardo DiCaprio utilized the platform at the Oscar’s to deliver a rousing speech on climate change awareness and man’s relationship with the Earth, which he claimed is what The Revenant is about. The Inquisitr previously reported that DiCaprio’s speech may have been the best acceptance speech ever, with the Leonardo perfectly using his time to thank those close to him but also raise an important issue.

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar's Speech
[Photo by Chris Pizzello/AP Images]

Leonardo Dicaprio is a philanthropist and heavily involved with environmental activism, so although he did not provide written consent for the image to be used in the genius marketing ploy, surely he does not mind lending his face to such a great cause.

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]