March 10, 2016
Spider-Man Revealed In New 'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer! [Video]

Spider-Man has been revealed -- and the response is about as mixed as you'd expect from a character rebooted three times in several years. For those of you who have been waiting desperately for a glimpse at Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man, you'll have to watch the entire Captain American: Civil War trailer to get it.

Okay, keep watching through the title near the end of the trailer, because that's when the out-of-nowhere sneak peek happens. Team Iron Man and Team Captain America are having some kind of standoff when Tony Stark signals Spidey. I don't know who's more shocked at this point: Stunned Marvel fans or Cap. Well, Captain America is the one minus his iconic shield following an impressive entrance by Tom Holland's version of the character.

Image via Marvel Entertainment

At this point, Spidey greets the group of heroes with a casual, "Hey everyone." And then his eyes narrowed. You read that correctly: The MCU Spider-Man's eyes will be every bit as expressive as they are in the comics and cartoons, something we haven't seen from previous incarnations of the character.

Also worth noting is that 20th Century Fox might be feeling somewhat smug in this regard, having beaten Marvel Studios to the punch with Deadpool. If you saw the movie, you'll note that character's face was also CGI to allow movement and expression in the face that would have been lost without it. The coincidence suggests a thoughtful new trend for masked heroes in comic book movies. It's possible we may see the treatment applied with other superheroes on TV and movies in the near future.

Getting back to Spider-Man and that surprise introduction (which may be been directed at the viewing audience as much as the Avengers), I was struck by the youthfulness of Tom Holland's voice. It's jarring after a series of movies that went out of its way to portray Spider-Man as a grown man. Should we blame that on Sony not understanding the character despite owning the rights?

We get the briefest glimpse of Spider-Man as a high school student before he's ushered through college and into the working world, as if it couldn't be imagined that an imaginative and brilliant teen couldn't be the character. Thankfully, Marvel Studios is bringing the character on board, and all signs seem to point to a promising version ably and enthusiastically delivered by Holland.

Oh, and in case you missed it due to being so shocked at seeing him, Spider-Man is definitely Team Iron Man.

There were some disappointed Spidey fans who felt the costume was too plain or too similar to what we've seen before. Those fans should remember that Spider-Man's costume is unique to the character, and there's a good chance Marvel wanted to avoid unnecessary tweaking -- especially for an "introduction." Although we've seen Spidey before, the character is quite new to the heroes in his universe.

Since the character is getting a standalone movie (and is apparently buds with Tony Stark), snazzy costume changes are probably on the horizon, along with a smooth integration into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If you were too busy going gaga over the spectacular Spider-Man cameo, rewind and watch out for new glimpses of the Black Panther, including an unmasked T'Challa (played by Chadwick Boseman). Panther, who is also Team Iron Man, shows his strength in the trailer, handily taking down Cap's friend Bucky Barnes and even casually standing there while bullets bounce off. It sounds like Team Iron Man has some pretty tough members.

What did you think of the Spider-Man introduction? Are you switching to Team Iron Man for Spidey? Share your thoughts below!

[Image via Marvel Entertainment]