NFL Rumors: Matt Forte Leaving Chicago Bears For New York Jets

NFL rumors have been swirling around Matt Forte since the Chicago Bears decided that they were not going to keep their longtime running back around. At just 30 years of age, Forte believed that he still had something left in the tank for a National Football League team. According to ESPN, the team that is going to be giving Forte a chance is none other than the New York Jets, who recently allowed Chris Ivory to walk away in free agency to join the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Even though the running back position isn’t as valued as it used to be, Chris Ivory still managed to generate a lot of interest from various NFL teams in free agency. The New York Jets knew that they didn’t want to get involved in a bidding war, especially since it was reported that Ivory was on the verge of receiving a $30 million contract from the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team that was being aggressive in free agency because they feel that they are close to returning to the NFL Playoffs.

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Chris Ivory

Despite being 30 years old, Matt Forte was generating good interest from NFL teams in free agency. The Miami Dolphins were said to be interested in the former Chicago Bears running back because they needed someone to replace Lamar Miller, who reportedly is going to be joining Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans. The Green Bay Packers, a team that has historically been idle during free agency, were also said to be interested in bringing in Forte to compete with an underperforming Eddie Lacy.

The New York Jets are a team that is designed to win now, as opposed to being a team that is meant to compete in the future. At his age and experience, Matt Forte is a running back that needs to win now. The marriage between the two was almost too perfect. Forte isn’t going to be around forever, and the Jets are fine with that. They’ll use him as a workhorse running back for now, while looking towar the draft to find someone that can be groomed to take over once Forte decides to retire from the NFL.

New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles

New York Jets offensive coordinator Chan Gailey is one of the most creative minds in the NFL. There’s a reason why head coach Todd Bowles leans so heavily on him for one side of the football. With Matt Forte being one of the most versatile running backs in the National Football League, do not be surprised if Gaily figures out a multitude of ways to feature the running back as a weapon against opposing defense.

With the hiring of Todd Bowles, the New York Jets have taken on the identity of a blue collar NFL team. They are nowhere near as arrogant and flamboyant as they were when Rex Ryan was running the team. Matt Forte fits that demeanor to a tee, as he’s someone that rarely misses football games because of injuries. When Forte comes to work, he clocks in, puts his chin down and goes all out, even in practice and training camp.

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall

By signing with the New York Jets, Matt Forte will be reuniting with Brandon Marshall. The two of them were quite the assets to the Chicago Bears. Marshall has found a new home, thanks largely in part to the arrival of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Unfortunately for the Jets, though, Fitzpatrick is currently a free agent, and he’s drawing quite a bit of interest from NFL teams that are looking for a solid quarterback to take over as a starter while they groom a long term replacement.

The New York Jets aren’t a sexy candidate to make it to the Super Bowl. They’re in the same AFC team that has Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. By signing with Matt Forte, they’ve given themselves a good shot at playing for the NFL Championship next season.

[Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]