Miniature Donkeys Up For Adoption At Cave Creek, Arizona – Lottery Announced For 20 Rescued Animals Due To Overwhelming Response

A bunch of rescued miniature donkeys at Cave Creek, Arizona, have received an overwhelming response for adoption, forcing Triple R Horse Rescue to organize an adoption lottery.

There are about 20 miniature donkeys in need of loving homes. However, it won’t be easy adopting one, as there has been a tremendous outpouring of love for the rescued animals. Triple R Horse Rescue in Arizona announced it will be receiving a shipment of the adorable animals, reported Fox 11. The animal rescue and shelter organization attempted to find families and animal lovers who might offer these mini donkeys a loving home. However, they were unprepared for the response despite a steep adoption fee.

The shelter ranch currently holding these miniature donkeys confirmed that the animals were, in fact, rescued and are being brought in for the adoption process. The ranch usually holds about 10 horses, but 20 mini-donkeys won’t be a problem, reported 12 News. Triple R president Ken Bacher said Wednesday the interest in the donkeys has been overwhelming.

Bacher said his ranch has been getting in excess of 200 calls per day for the entire week. Requests for adoption have been pouring in from around 35 states.

“People outside the state of Arizona cannot adopt the donkeys from Triple R,” he said.

He added that the ranch was extremely hesitant to publicize the news about the miniature donkeys, because the staff knew that these adorable creatures would undoubtedly draw a lot of attention and flood the ranch with calls. The news about the adoption went viral after the ranch mentioned these creatures in their newsletter.

Adopting a rescued animal, especially the miniature donkeys, isn’t easy, noted Bacher. Apart from the huge waiting list, which has forced the rescue to set up a lottery system, there’s a fairly intense adoption process. Successful applicants are called in for an interview and grilled about their lifestyle and homes to ensure that the animals have ample living and playing space. Not satisfied with verbal assurances, a small team from the rescue actually pays a visit to the prospective home even before the animal is allowed to see it.

Those interested in adopting these miniature donkeys should visit the ranch’s website and fill out an adoption application, or call the rescue at 602-396-8726, reported Mental Floss. Prospective donkey owners will be chosen by lottery.

It is interesting to note that in the case of miniature donkeys, despite shelling out about $400 in adoption fees, you won’t be the final owner of the creature. This is because the adoption process clearly notes that the rescue retains ownership of the animals. The staff reasoned that the rescue retains ownership to ensure the animal is cared for in under any and all circumstances. In case circumstances change or deteriorate, taking back the neglected or abused animal is a lot easier.

There have been a lot of cases of animals being neglected or starved. In some cases, these creatures have been used for shows and promotions despite their poor health. It has been a very difficult task to bring back these overworked and abused animals.

The rescue confirmed that more than 160 of the donkeys ended up at a Texas rescue after a “breeding situation” occurred, reported Miss Open. Only about 20 of the miniature donkeys will be sent to the ranch in Cave Creek, Arizona, where they will wait for loving homes. The donkeys are quite unique and come in a multitude of sizes and colors, but all of them have a remarkably diminutive stature.

According to the National Miniature Donkey Association, miniature donkeys are herd animals and shouldn’t be kept in isolation. The agency strongly urges these creatures be kept in pairs to avoid undue stress and loneliness. These creatures are quite docile and can even be paired with another pet or farm animal.

[Image via Flickr]