‘Scream’ Season 2 Lines Up All Of The Usual Suspects

Scream is returning with another chilling season, and working in conjunction with Dimension TV, MTV has released news on the premiere date, new cast members, and returning favorites. Scream spoilers have also been leaked online, so a look at those will give a fairly accurate account of what Scream fans can expect from season 2.

Scream Premiere Date And Casting News Highlights To Die For

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MTV released a new poster for season 2 today that reveals the premiere date in bold white letters to make sure every Scream fan catches the first episode if the season. May 31 is the date to save for that big premiere, which will see many of the first season’s stars returning for another go around with Ghostface.

Coming back for the second installment of Scream will be Willa Fitzgerald (Emma), John Karna (Noah), Tom Maden (Jake), Tracy Middendorf (Maggie), Amadeus Serafini (Kieran), Bex Taylor-Klaus (Audrey), and Carlson Young (Brooke).

Scream will be bringing in quite a few new characters this season. Among them is Kiana Lede (Deadlands: The Rising, Temporary Dreams), who will play Zoe, a student with a competitive and driven Type-A personality. Zoe also has a secret that also makes her a very guarded person.

Also coming fresh to Scream is Santiago Segura (47 Meters Down, Silicon Valley) as Gustavo Acosta, described as a dark and brooding student. MTV is going with the typical loner stereotype here, adding to the character description that Santiago likes comic books, horror films, and serial killers.

Sheriff Michael Acosta, played by Anthony Ruivivar, is returning to his hometown of Lakewood, after a lifetime away. As might be guessed by the last names, Michael is Gustavo’s father and is very protective of his son. Previous to Scream, Ruivivar appeared in Banshee and American Horror Story.

Austin Highsmith of Criminal Minds and Murder in the First has been cast in a recurring role. Coming to Scream, Highsmith will play Karen Lang, an idealistic psychology teacher, who tries to befriend her students.

Sean Grandillo comes to Scream fresh from Broadway, where he appeared in Spring Awakening. He will star in a recurring role as Eli, a student with a too wholesome to be believed personality, suggesting he harbors ulterior motives.

Finally, Karina Logue (Ray Donovan, Bates Motel) will play Tina Hudson, a female grifter with the kind of independence earned on the road, though she can turn on the charm, when she finds it useful.

Scream Spoilers To Whet Fans’ Appetites For The May 31 Debut

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Emma, played by Willa Fitzgerald, was really put through the ringer in season 1 of Scream. In fact, as the next installment of Scream picks up, MTV reports that Emma will just be returning from a retreat intended to help her heal and get back into a good place. Even after she returns, her friends will be treating her delicately, resembling the way Neve Campbell’s Sydney Prescott was treated in Scream 2 — and Scream 3, Scream 4, and so on.

Amadeus Serafini as Kieran started out mirroring the Skeet Ulrich Scream character, but the character grew more likeable and less suspicious as the series advanced. Now, it seems Kieran actually has a motive to kill. He may want revenge for the killing of his father, Sheriff Hudson.

Anyone, old favorite or new character, could be the killer in season 2 of Scream. Among the biggest suspects is Noah (John Karna), who has always been something of a red herring with his over the top suspicious behavior.

Also making the list of Scream suspects is Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), who was also ready to cast doubt on the real killer. Many thought Audrey was an accomplice, especially when she was seen burning letters from the actual killer. Maybe she’ll step up her game when Scream returns.

There’s also Emma’s own mother (Tracy Middendorf), who has a long history of secrets, including a pregnancy fathered by the creator of the Scream mask. What else might she be hiding?

Scream will be back with secrets and revelations (as well as a few murders) on May 31 on MTV.

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