'The 100' Season 3 Spoilers: Grounders Drop Heads - Raven Puts Jasper's Life At Risk - Paranoia Theme Of Episode 8

The 100 season 3, episode 8, titled "Terms and Conditions" airs Thursday night on the CW network. Last week, Clexa fans were shocked and heartbroken when Lexa died. According to The 100 season 3 spoilers, "Terms and Conditions" will focus on what is happening behind the walls at Arkadia. Kane will be more determined than ever to stop Pike, while the new chancellor suspects Kane is up to something. This leads to a fierce battle between the two that could turn physical. Also, the Grounders will drop heads, and Raven will put Jasper's life at risk for A.L.I.E.

In television, characters usually deal with one threat at a time. However, The 100 season 3 features multiple threats, and they all seem to be in full-force at once. Queen Nia, the Queen of the Ice Nation was taken care of swiftly. However, A.L.I.E. is still an issue, and the Grounders want justice for Pike and Bellamy's act of war. There are also rumors of yet another villain coming into The 100. While many in Arkadia think that the enemies are outside, it is clear that one adversary is behind the Arkadian walls, living among them. That person is Pike and, some fans believe he could be the biggest threat of all.

According to Yahoo! Celebrity, "Terms and Conditions" will have Kane wanting to deal with things in a peaceful manner. However, he might not be able to do that. The synopsis for The 100 season 3, episode 8 teases that Kane could be forced to do something drastic. The promo for "Terms and Conditions" echoes this statement, as Pike and Kane are seen confronting each other before Kane punches the new chancellor. As for Pike's storyline in the next episode of The 100, he believes someone in Arkadia is leaking information. Also, expect to see Raven asking Jasper for help.

One sneak peek clip for The 100 season 3, episode 8 features Kane telling others to gather ammunition. As crates are opened, Pike reminds them to not just count them, but scrounge for every bit of ammo they can find. Bellamy says that most of the crates don't have much ammunition. Pike begins to make a comment about the way things were operated before he was voted as chancellor, but is interrupted by Kane. The previous leader tells Pike the Sky People were not planning on a war that will end everyone's lives. Outside, the men try to have a civil conversation. Kane makes a comment about Pike looking for enough bullets to stop all of the Grounders.

The 100 season 3, episode 8 sneak peek clip shows the men trying to have a civil conversation. Kane makes a comment about Pike looking for enough bullets to stop all the Grounders. He then suggests that Pike stop the anti-Grounder madness and turn himself in. Kane says that he needs to do the right thing, which is a statement Pike does not appreciate. He reminds Kane about what happened to Finn, one of the young lives the former chancellor was supposed to protect.

Another sneak peek for The 100 season 3, episode 8 shows Arkadia is preparing for the Grounders to attack. Pike and a few others are discussing the Grounders. He is informed that the Grounders appear to be setting up some sort of blockade. Pike is confused and knows something has changed, but he is unsure what it could be. Suddenly, a few people on horses are seen approaching the path to Arkadia. Pike wonders what they want, and Bellamy speculates they are delivering a message. As the gates are opened, the two Grounders ask for Pike, unaware that he is standing in front of them.

The Grounders prefer to take Pike since he is the one responsible for the massacre. If he comes with them, the Arkadians will be allowed to live. The Sky People are told that the Army of the 12 Clans surround Arkadia. They are warned that anyone who tries to cross the blockade will be killed. To show they are serious, a few bags are thrown at Pike and Bellamy's feet. They are the heads of those who were caught outside their land. The bodies are missing because the Grounders left them as food for the animals. In the latest The 100 clip, Pike says to fall back, but Bellamy stays where he is, looking up at the men on the horses.

Pike, Kanel and Bellamy are not the only characters of The 100 that will be seen on "Terms and Conditions." A promo clip shows Jaha and Raven talking about the possible location of the 13th Station debris. Raven and A.L.I.E. believe the debris is in the ocean and have run the data through exactly 1,000 times. Jaha isn't too sure and doesn't think the probability of 80 percent is good enough. He then tells Raven that the population of the City of Light needs to increase.

"The more minds turned to the task, the more powerful A.L.I.E. becomes," Jaha tells Raven in Spoiler Guide's promo clip for season 3, episode 8. "And the closer we get finding that second A.I."

In The 100, Jaha and Raven try to come up with a plan to get the chip maker back from Pike. Without the ability to make more chips, there will not be any more people converting to Jaha's cause. As they think of who would be crazy enough to help, Jasper is overheard talking loudly. He is getting more upset and storms out as Raven comes up with her plan to rope Jasper in the scheme.

A producer's preview for The 100 season 3 episode 8 was recently released. This gives viewers a bit more information on what to expect in 'Terms and Conditions." In the video clip, executive producer Jason Rothenberg says that the walls in Arkadia have ears. The 100 showrunner also teases that fans will see "spy against spy." In the producer's preview for "Terms and Conditions," Kane eavesdrops on Pike with a walkie-talkie. Pike is also doing his own investigating and asking the Sky People to spy on "their own people." Pike considers Kane a serious problem, but how far will he go to deal with him?

Rothenberg also explains that The 100 season 3 episode 8 is about paranoia and finding out who can be trusted. Unfortunately, nobody can be trusted, the executive producer reveals. At the end of the clip, Pike tells Kane that when Arkadia is victorious in their anti-Grounder mission, Kane will realize he picked the wrong side.

By the sound of it, the March 10 episode of The 100 season 3 will be intense.

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