John Orozco: US Mens Gymnast Is A True Inspiration

Melissa Stusinski

For John Orozco, growing up in the Bronx was tough, probably more tough than the competition he's facing at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

According to the Bleacher Report, Orozco was only seven when his father signed him up for free gymnastics. Little did he know, but 12 years later, his son would be competing in the Olympics, although it was not until the Olympian was 13 that he realized his dream. Orozco recalled that:

"Around 13 years old I realized I really wanted to get serious. So that's the time when I knew, 'Okay, I gotta turn my dreams into a goal.'"
"When that little boy told us when he was 10 years old, 'I want to go to 2012,' we believed him."
"He walked over to the kid that they were making fun of, and he said, 'Here you go,' and he took his medal off and put it around the kid and said, 'One day you'll be better than I am. Don't cry.'"John Orozco Gymnast

John Orozco was quick to say that his Olympic dream was inspired by the Hamm brothers at the 2004 Olympic Games. He stated that:

"The minute I stepped foot in the gym I just loved it. I knew it was what I wanted to do for a long time. I said I really want to have that one day -- to put the gold medal around my neck, waving to the crowd, knowing that all my hard work has paid off and my dream has come true."

Check out John Orozco qualifying for the 2012 Olympics below:

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